When and Where: Monday Aug 30 03:00 PM Moscone South Room 309


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Title: Backup & Disaster Recovery – How to Protect Systems and Applications Across Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments

Abstract: Protecting servers, desktops and applications in a datacenter is a critical component of guaranteeing uptime and the ability to leverage technology to drive business growth. However, two key technology trends are impacting customers’ ability to develop an adequate Business Continuity strategy: Virtualization and Cloud Computing.


To capitalize on the benefit these technology trends provide, and also protect systems and applications which are leveraging them, customers require a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution which can span across their complete environment, yet provide the functionality and dependability they have come accustomed to in their physical landscape. Best-in-class Backup & Recovery deployments provide organizations the ability to manage combinations of high-density virtualized and dedicated computing environments using a hybrid on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure that provides image-based, file-based, entire vm, or even files from a vm-based recovery.


This workshop provides a roadmap for such deployments.

US Speaker: Izzy Azeri     Vice President Business & Corporate Development Acronis

Technical Level: Business Solution

Monday Aug 30 03:00 PM Moscone South Room 309