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MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 2017 


NSX + VMware Horizon: A Security Architecture for Delivering Desktops and Applications (ADV1587BU)


Use Virtualization to Secure Application Infrastructure (SAI3237SU)


Achieve Maximum vSphere Stability with PowerCLI Assisted Documentation (SER2077BU)


Best Practices in Migrating Windows 7 to Windows 10 (UEM1359BU)


Best Practices for All-Flash Arrays with VMware vSphere (SER2355BU)


VMware Cloud on AWS – The Painless Path to Hybrid Cloud (LHC3371BUS)


A Deep Dive into vSphere 6.5 Core Storage Features and Functionality (SER1143BU)


Accelerate the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS (LHC3159SU)


360-Degree Troubleshooting and Remediation (MGT2185BU)


Introduction to VMware NSX (NET1152BU)



Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way! (VIRT1374BU)


vSphere Clients Roadmap: HTML5 Client, Host Client, and Web Client (SER1411BU)


NSX in Small Data Centers for Small and Medium Businesses (NET1345BU)


vSphere Virtual Volumes made easy with Pure Storage (PBO3367BUS)


What's New with VMware Fusion, Workstation, and Horizon FLEX (ADV1598BU)


Migrate to the vCenter Server Appliance You Should (SER2958BU)


Monster VMs (Database Virtualization) with vSphere 6.5: Doing IT Right (VIRT1309BU)


Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices (SER2724BU)


Performance Tuning and Monitoring for Virtualized Database Servers (VIRT1430BU)


Delivering 3D Graphics with VMware Horizon, Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport, and NVIDIA GRID (ADV1607BU)



Your VDI Trifecta: Instant clones, App Volumes, and UEM (ADV1246BU)


Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps with Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon (ADV1591BU)


vCenter Performance Deep Dive (SER1504BU)


vSphere PowerCLI 101: Becoming Your Organization's Superhero (SER2480BU)


Defend Your vSphere Infrastructure from Evil with vCenter High Availability (SER2933BU)


vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive: Part 2 (SER1872BU)


Using vRealize with VMware Cloud on AWS (LHC1910BU)


Creating Your VMware Cloud on AWS Data Center: VMware Cloud on AWS Fundamentals (LHC1547BU)


Find performance bottlenecks. Understanding ESXi Storage Queueing (ADV3368BUS)


The Power Hour: vSphere PowerCLI 10th Birthday Edition (SER1875BU)



Advanced Troubleshooting of ESXi Server 6.x for vSphere Gurus (SER2965BU)


vCenter Server 6.5 Deep Dive and Troubleshooting (SER2980BU)


PowerCLI 201: Getting More Out of vSphere PowerCLI (SER2614BU)


Architecting Site Recovery Manager to Meet Your Recovery Goals (STO2063BU)


vSphere HA: Leverage Its Full Potential (SER2540BU)


Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive (STO2446BU)


Advanced VMware NSX: Demystifying the VTEP, MAC, and ARP Tables (NET1775BU)


Automate Your Security with NSX (SAI3019BU)


vSAN 6.6: A Day in the Life of an I/O (STO1926BU)


vSphere Performance Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis (SER1534BUR)


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