Track Details 

This track explores a holistic change in the way end-user services are delivered by IT, so you can empower your distributed workforce for today’s ‘new normal’. Explore the new future of the digital workspace.

The DeskCon Experience at VMworld:
Boost Your Modern Management Mojo

Take part in expert conversations and get fresh perspectives to deepen your modern management skills.


  • Embrace your fastest path to complete Windows 10 Modern Management and dive into practical steps to take for a cloud-first management strategy.

  • Discover modern deployment best practices, from zero-touch device and drop ship provisioning to exploring troubleshooting tips and tricks.

  • Learn how to develop a Modern Management adoption process for Windows 10, addressing success factors such as scale, security, change management and operations that are all critical to this transformation project.

The VDIscover Experience at VMworld:

Join the VDI community’s top experts for real conversations around the industry, innovations, and skill sets


  • Learn how to architect for success and listen to top VDI and EUC experts in the field share their best practices for designing an optimal environment that optimizes performance, scalability, cost and user experience.

  • Take a deep dive and independent look at VMware Horizon and find out how to leverage Horizon Cloud Services to manage on-premises VDI and app publishing, or desktops and apps as a service from your favorite cloud.

  • Engage with your peers and discuss the future role and skillset required for the VDI admin.

Delivering Employee Experience:

  • Deliver the best employee experience using VMware solutions and products.

  • Engage employees and transform business processes by providing a platform that eliminates traditional complex and costly management silos. 

  • Drives a consumer-like experience while fighting shadow IT and reducing security risk.

  • Remove the friction of access so employees can get work done in real time from any device or location, without compromising security or experience.