Telco 5G Featured Speakers

Shekar Ayyar, VMware
Executive Vice President, General Manager, Telco and Edge Cloud
Lakshmi Mandyam, VMware
Vice President of Product Management
Sachin Katti, VMware
Vice President, Telco Strategy

Track Details 

This track explores how VMware Telco Cloud solutions enable this transformation from the core, to access, edge and private clouds. You will hear from customers that have deployed VMware Telco Cloud products and solutions to deliver applications across multi-cloud environments, deployed modern 5G networks, partners who have helped us create best-of-breed technologies, and VMware experts who have successfully supported over 100 service provider transformation projects. 

Powering Digital Transformations


VMware partners with telcos seeking the agility, scalability and flexibility needed to reinvent their customer relationships.


Join us to learn how to:


  • Create and deploy services faster

  • Improve network efficiency

  • Exceed customer expectations

  • Increase revenue potential and margins

  • Play a new role in the digital ecosystem

Building a Nimble Service Innovation and Delivery Platform


Delivering the on-demand, customizable services expected of 5G requires a rearchitected network. A transformation to software-centric architectures provides the agility, resilience, scalability and performance needed to create and deliver these next generation services.


  • Enabling xNF – harnessing cloud-native and Kubernetes

  • Telco Cloud Ready – accessing the value of the largest pre-integrated community

  • Closing the loop with unified network intelligence

  • Building the edge - O-RAN/vRAN and CDN in next-generation networks

  • Network slicing and intelligent traffic engineering

Creating a Modern App IT Foundation


Transformative telcos are reducing the barriers between network silos - IT resources and core network resources. This unification will enable alignment of tools and flexible DevOps methodologies that will ultimately improve efficiencies and create holistic service innovation processes. The robust VMware Application Modernization portfolio helps close the operational gap.


  • Software-defined data center

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud networking and operations

  • Application modernization with the agility of containers

  • Intrinsic security for an end-to-end network

Delivering Differentiated and Revenue-Generating Digital Services


With flexible IT and service-delivery networks in place, telcos will leverage their strong customer relationships and uniquely distributed networks to create differentiated services. While VMware IT and network platforms provide the ability to build and deliver any service, across any cloud, on any device, the VMware enterprise services portfolio provides accelerated routes to revenue.


  • SD-WAN

  • Digital workspaces

  • Private connectivity and Kubernetes-as-a-service

  • Monetizing managed security

The Software-Empowered Cable MSO


Cable networks continue to evolve to keep pace with increasing traffic, changing customer expectations and convergence with wireless and edge networks. VMware understands the unique transformation for Cable MSOs that are bringing more agility to their data centers, HE Hubs, OSP, and on-premise networks.


  • How virtualization ties 10G and 5G together

  • Opportunities in DDA, video, and business-to-business services

  • Enabled assurance for increasingly complex networks