Discover Sessions by Track at VMworld 2018 Europe

VMworld 2018 Europe provides you with an opportunity to delve deeply into digital transformation with hundreds of sessions focused on today’s most relevant topics. We’ve organized our offerings into specific tracks and sub-tracks that reflect our diverse audience needs and interests.

Our sessions are aimed at practitioners, strategists, and leaders who want to learn more about modernizing the data center, integrating public clouds, transforming networking and security, and securing the digital workspace while also exploring emerging trends and other topics important to IT leadership. In addition, customer and partner case studies will demonstrate how VMware products are used in real-world environments.

Here’s a look at the specific session tracks and sub-tracks that will be offered at VMworld Europe.

VMworld 2018 Europe

At VMworld, you can choose from hundreds of sessions focused on digital transformation and today's most relevant topics.


This track will focus on how VMware helps you deliver an integrated IT strategy to modernize your data centers while extending to the cloud – and how we provide you with the infrastructure to deliver your next-generation strategies for hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud-native applications, hybrid cloud, and edge services. 


Learn about the latest advancements in VMware’s core infrastructure – vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vRealize Suite – as well as VMware’s growing cloud portfolio of VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS, cloud services, and more. This track will match specific offerings to use cases and customer opportunities and help you identify the technologies and services that best match your IT and business needs.  




Virtualized Infrastructure

Get the latest information related to VMware vSphere and all industry-leading functionality such as vSphere HA and VMware Dynamic Resource Scheduler. Sessions will explore updates on performance and scale, new applications and architectures, availability, core storage, and best practices for successful implementation. You’ll also learn how VMware components deliver the industry’s most advanced virtualized infrastructure to support a complete software-defined data center.

Virtualized Applications

Discover how you can reap tremendous benefits by virtualizing business-critical applications such as Oracle, SAP, MS SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory, as well as big data and scientific and engineering workloads. Key topics in these sessions will include the pivotal role Tier 1 apps play in achieving the software-defined data center; how to effectively monitor and manage Tier 1 apps in virtual environments; and how to incorporate the use of hybrid cloud architectures, especially VMware Cloud on AWS, into those business-critical environments.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Learn how VMware helps you modernize your infrastructure with a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) that offers a common operational experience from the edge to the core to the cloud. Powered by VMware vSAN architecture, HCI converges traditional IT infrastructure silos onto industry-standard servers and virtualizes physical infrastructure to help you easily evolve your infrastructure, improve total cost of ownership over traditional resource silos, and anticipate the cloud with support for new hardware, applications, and cloud-native applications.  

Private Cloud

Learn how VMware Cloud Foundation provides an integrated software-defined platform designed from the ground up to deliver the best private cloud experience, and a consistent hybrid cloud, with VMware Cloud on AWS and select VMware Cloud Providers. Also learn how to architect, implement and maintain a robust and secure software-defined data center on VMware’s infrastructure components – vSphere, vSAN, NSX and vRealize – with the guidance of the VMware Validated Designs.


Hybrid and Public Cloud

VMware makes it easy for you to architect, design, implement, and operate a modern software-defined data center (SDDC). These sessions will explore VMware’s turnkey SDDC solutions for both the private and public cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation and will show you how to run applications across vSphere-based cloud environments with access to a broad range of AWS services, leverage VMware Validated Designs to build and operate your SDDC, and expedite your journey to a seamless hybrid cloud. Customers and cloud providers looking to build and leverage true multi-tenant public clouds look to the VMware Cloud Provider Program.  These sessions will delve into the architecture and consumption of a full VMware-powered public cloud provided by VMware partners.

Cloud Services

This track provides a 360-degree view of the portfolio of SaaS-based services that VMware is delivering to help organizations operate private and hybrid clouds based on VMware SDDC technologies and also native public clouds such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. The scope of VMware Cloud Services includes private, hybrid, and public clouds; VMs and containers; and traditional and cloud native applications.  These SaaS services deliver critical capabilities that help IT teams effectively address cloud requirements ranging from troubleshooting networks, planning and implementing security, ensuring application availability, delivering resources to app dev teams, and understanding the cost of applications running on or off premise.

Cloud Management

This track offers practitioner-oriented sessions focused on managing virtual environments and hybrid clouds. Our sessions will dive deep into the VMware’s hybrid Cloud Management Platform, vRealize Suite, and demonstrate how it delivers agility and efficiency across your private and public clouds. We will also explore VMware Cloud Services, a group of new cloud management tools offered as-a-service. In addition, you’ll learn about the latest release of VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO), VMware’s fully DefCore-compliant implementation of OpenStack. We will cover topics such as service delivery automation and self-service provisioning across traditional and container-based applications; cloud operations monitoring and capacity planning; delivering cloud management as a service (SaaS); and network management.  

Cloud-Native Apps

Building, deploying and managing cloud-native apps in a production environment is not easy. It requires technology as well as organizational changes spanning the entire application lifecycle. These cloud-native apps sessions will address key topics including container technologies, microservices, open source projects such as Kubernetes and Docker, best practices, and case studies to help you navigate through your entire cloud-native journey from development and test to production.  


This track will cover virtual and cloud networking, including network virtualization, logical network services, network management, and extensibility. Learn how VMware transforms security by providing a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure, networking, and endpoints; this maximizes visibility and context of the interaction between users and applications, aligns security controls and policies to the applications they are protecting, and enables the insertion of third-party security services for additional intelligent protection. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the concepts and technology embodied in the new VMware NSX platform, including VMware’s vision for the future of network and security virtualization.



Secure Application Infrastructure

One of the biggest obstacles in security may well be an architectural gap between the apps and data we must protect, and the infrastructure in which we place controls. Virtualization and the cloud present a unique opportunity to build in security, rather than bolt it on. Micro-segmentation opened the door, enabling us to see and control the infrastructure through the lens of the application, but what's next? In these sessions you’ll learn how VMware products and solutions allow you to modernize your approach to the way you secure your application infrastructure.

Cloud Networking

Applications and data are becoming more and more distributed, and the cloud, software, and developers are having an increased impact on infrastructure. But today’s network is not sufficient for tomorrow. We need to look at the fundamentals of the cloud when defining the networking and security architecture for digital businesses. This “enterprise cloud network” becomes the business fabric of our distributed world and provides pervasive connectivity and security for users to apps to data, consistently across data centers, branches, endpoints, containers, and the cloud. These sessions will focus on the technology that enables this, from software-based network virtualization to policy and extensibility to analytics and insights.

Branch and Edge

These sessions will explore how software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) connects enterprise branch offices and Internet of Things smart devices to communicate real-time data across large geographic distances. Learn how VMware’s acquisition of VeloCloud extends NSX beyond the data center and closer to the networking edge and provides seamless integration for customers. You’ll also discover how VMware vCloud NFV works with SD-WAN platforms to provide a fully packaged solution to service providers.


Learn how you can lower complexity and cost while increasing employee experience and security with the VMware Workspace ONE platform. This track explores how you can securely enable personal productivity across mobile and PC endpoints with cloud-based modern management and deliver all apps – including your critical Win 32 apps and web, mobile, and SaaS apps such as Office 365 – through one consistent experience that enables employee self-service while lowering IT overhead.



Security and Experience

Discover how to leverage VMware's digital workspace solution to stay on top of your threat landscape and enable employees to get work done in real time from any device or location, without compromising security or experience. These sessions will show you how VMware’s solution – built with enterprise-level security in mind – enables creation of conditional access policies that consider user, network, device, and endpoint information and include multi-factor authentication using any mobile device. Plus, discover how Workspace ONE’s privacy-by-design approach assures users that their personal apps and data remain invisible to IT.

Endpoint Management

Learn how mobile-device-management technologies are reinventing PC lifecycle management with modern efficiencies for devices on or off corporate networks and domains. In these sessions, you’ll see how new unified endpoint management empowers IT to use a single platform to manage all devices – mobile, PC, rugged, and Internet of Things – regardless of ownership models, while also protecting employee privacy. You’ll also gain insights into the best practices for migrating to the new modern management paradigm, whether you transition all at once to maximize benefits or alongside legacy platforms to minimize migration risks.

Windows Delivery

VMware desktop and application virtualization solutions provide IT with a new streamlined approach to deliver, protect, and manage Windows desktops and applications on premises or in the cloud, while containing costs and ensuring end users can work anytime, anywhere, and across any device. These sessions will explore how desktop and application virtualization can tie into your overarching digital workspace strategy. Learn how you can leverage a wide range of infrastructure, smart insights, and automated management to improve employee engagement, drive down costs, and better secure and manage your environment.


In this track, learn how VMware’s innovative solutions for emerging technologies such as Internet of Things and network functions virtualization enable our partners and customers to execute their digital business transformation strategies. You’ll also learn how VMware is exploring and identifying disruptive technology trends to shape future solutions yet to be built.




Office of the CTO

VMware’s Office of the CTO is dedicated to looking over the horizon – exploring and identifying disruptive technology trends to shape new solutions that will impact the future. Join us for these forward-looking technology sessions, which will include presentations and interactive panels to help you plan and evolve your IT strategies over the next 3 to 5 years. You’ll learn about VMware’s technology direction, research, innovation, open source, and sustainability efforts through sessions presented by VMware’s technology leaders within research and development and field organizations.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and is becoming more critical to every organization’s digital transformation story. However, as companies embrace IoT, they run into the challenges of management, security, and scale. These sessions will showcase VMware's position and thought leadership in IoT as well as our current and future product offerings. Learn how VMware IoT solutions and our rich partner ecosystem can help your operations and IT organizations have complete control over your IoT devices, as well as implement and scale IoT in a more timely and cost-effective way.

Network Functions Virtualization

VMware Cloud for Telco empowers you with the essential software foundation to deliver a common virtualized infrastructure and operating environment spanning IT, public, and telco clouds that is ubiquitous, open, programmable, and secure by default. In these sessions, you’ll learn how it delivers the optimal environment for all applications: custom-built applications, packaged apps, virtualized apps, cloud-native apps, and SaaS. Discover how VMware’s growing portfolio of cloud and IoT Services can help you quickly unlock new revenue streams and open new market opportunities, drive down costs, and improve overall customer satisfaction.


With continuous release and delivery, developers today have increasing demands to conduct tests and apply necessary changes on an ongoing basis. Developers need IT that can help support them in each phase of the application development lifecycle. The way IT manages infrastructure must change from a siloed approach to a more integrated model. Enter development and operations – DevOps. As app developers morph into ops and ops "shifts left" into dev, everyone needs to change how they work. In these sessions, you’ll learn how DevOps practices combined with VMware tools and products can help you do your job faster, smarter, and with better results.


Innovation through digital transformation can disrupt markets and take businesses to the next level. Today’s IT leaders, and those of tomorrow, require a distinct mix of business savvy and technological expertise to steer their organizations toward the future or risk falling behind. In this track, you’ll hear from leading industry and VMware IT leaders who are changing the game and learn how they’ve mastered today’s most pressing IT priorities. Ensure your IT organization is primed to take advantage of rising technologies, methodologies, and best practices to succeed as a twenty-first century IT leader.


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