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And we’re proud to announce a brand-new track to provide exceptional value to IT decision makers and leaders: Leading Digital Transformation. Sessions in this track will provide pragmatic guidance for innovation strategy and execution, as well as practical advice to further your own personal development as an IT leader.

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VMworld Europe 2017

At VMworld, you can choose from hundreds of sessions on today’s hottest cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology topics.


Today’s digital transformation is driving rapid and fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models. To support this, IT must similarly transform their data centers. VMware enables IT organizations to modernize data centers and deliver IT infrastructure and application services with the speed and agility to support business innovation and growth while optimizing total cost of ownership. In this track, learn how VMware’s software-defined and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) architecture of natively integrated compute, network, and storage virtualization technologies, together with automation and management, enables businesses to modernize their infrastructure, automate IT, and run modern applications. In this track also learn how this innovative, software-defined approach delivers cloud-like agility and economics in the on-premises data center.

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Plan, Build, and Operate a Cloud Infrastructure Platform

Your journey to the hybrid-cloud just got easy! VMware has been at work making it easy for customers to architect, design, implement and maintain a modern software-defined data center (SDDC). This track will give you the information you need to accelerate your SDDC adoption and fast-track your journey to the modern hybrid cloud. Learn how VMware is building turnkey SDDC solutions for both the private and public cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation by bringing together compute, storage, network and security virtualization, together with the lifecycle automation capabilities of VMware SDDC Manager, into a natively integrated SDDC stack. Get the latest information on the VMware Validated Designs, comprehensive blueprints that deliver holistic data center-level designs for your SDDC that span across compute, storage, networking, and cloud management. Hear about successes with operations transformation in our largest customer environments, where we helped customers fully utilize their SDDC by addressing the critical people and process changes that are required, above and beyond the technology.

Server Virtualization

This track provides customers with the latest information related to VMware vSphere and vSphere with Operations Management, including the latest updates on performance and scale, new applications and architectures, and best practices for successful implementation. Hard-hitting customer and partner case-studies demonstrate how these products are used in real-world environments. This track will also tie together how these and other VMware components deliver the industry’s most advanced virtualized infrastructure to support a complete software-defined data center.

Cloud Management

This track focuses on VMware’s hybrid Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and how it delivers agility and efficiency across your private and public clouds. Hear directly from customers, as well as VMware and partner experts, on practitioner-oriented CMP topics such as: Service Delivery Automation across traditional and container-based applications (vRealize Automation); Continuous Delivery for Applications and IT Code (vRealize Code Stream); Cloud Operations Monitoring, Capacity Planning, and Workload Placement (vRealize Operations); Log Management (vRealize Log Insight); Network Management (vRealize Network Insight); and Cloud Business and Costing Management (vRealize Business). We will also cover VMware’s fully DefCore-compliant implementation of OpenStack – VMware Integrated.

Networking and Security

To realize the full potential of the VMware software-defined data center, IT must move networking and security into the twenty-first century with a software abstraction layer—network virtualization. The Networking track covers virtual and cloud networking, including network virtualization, logical network services, network management, and extensibility. Sessions explore in depth the concepts and technology embodied in the new VMware NSX platform, including VMware’s vision for the future of network and security virtualization. For sessions on securing application infrastructure and maintaining streamlined compliance, please see additional sessions in the Transform Security track.

HCI and Storage

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) systems are the fastest growing segment in the converged or integrated systems market, according to IDC. This shift to a new approach to data center infrastructure is fueled by digital transformation, shrinking or static IT budgets and overloaded IT teams, all while the demands from business keeps increasing. VMware enables you to overcome these challenges and modernize your infrastructure with a unique, software-defined approach to HCI, leveraging the hypervisor to deliver compute, storage and management in a single integrated software stack to rapidly enable the most flexible, efficient, and cost-effective HCI solution. In this track, you will learn how VMware software-defined storage solutions are well positioned to help customers easily evolve their infrastructure without risk, improve TCO over expensive traditional resources, and scale to tomorrow with timely support for new hardware, applications, and cloud strategies. Topics will range from storage solutions like VMware vSAN and Virtual Volumes to availability solutions like Site Recovery Manager, and sessions will include content from VMware, customers, and ecosystem partners.



VMware has a history of virtualizing all types of applications from high-performance business-critical applications to customer-facing mobile apps. The next-generation cloud native applications leverage container technologies and micro-service-based architectures. These applications, known for their high velocity of change, demand agility, speed, and scale from the infrastructure. Some applications, such as predictive analytics applications, or big data require open APIs and run on “bare metal.” Many rely on open source components and tools. Today's IT must be ready for all these demands - they need to be versatile, agile, and ready to meet the developer and the application's requirements. In this track, learn how VMware can help IT provision and operationalize all types of applications -- legacy, client-server and cloud native -- reliably and securely.

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Virtualizing Applications

VMware is delivering breakthrough performance and reliability for customers virtualizing their business-critical applications. Customers can reap tremendous benefits by virtualizing Oracle, SAP, SQL, Exchange, and other applications that are most important to their businesses. Key topics include the pivotal role Tier 1 apps play in achieving the software-defined data center; how to effectively monitor and manage Tier 1 apps in virtual environments; and why VMware’s platform is best suited to meeting the Big Data challenge.


As software takes center stage and applications drive business innovation and growth, IT needs to be more than just ready. While tools and technology play an important role, without a change in how you operate, the chance for success diminishes. Today's developers demand more than just service catalogs, they want infrastructure as code, instantly available and always on. With release cycles are measured in minutes or hours, not weeks or months common to traditional client-server applications, IT operations must change. Enter DevOps. As App Developers morph into Ops and Ops "shifts left" into Dev, everyone needs to change how they work. In this track, learn how DevOps practices combined with VMware tools and products can help you do your job faster, smarter, and with better results.

Cloud Native Apps

In today’s world of digital transformation, the need for businesses to differentiate through software and rapid innovation has become crucial for success. As a result, organizations are embracing cloud-native and rapidly modernizing their full stack from applications to infrastructure in order to stay competitive in the market. However, building, deploying and managing cloud-native apps in a production environment is not easy. It requires technology as well as organizational changes spanning the entire application lifecycle. The VMware Cloud-Native track addresses key topics including container technologies, microservices, open source projects such as Kubernetes, Docker, best practices, and case studies to help our customers navigate through their entire cloud-native journey from development and test to production.



VMware is an innovation leader and our core belief is that software creates unlimited possibilities. We proved this by virtualizing compute, storage and network in the data center. As the world is becoming more digital, software will be embedded in everything. This is a unique opportunity for our customers to extend their software-defined approach to building business solutions that will enable their digital world. In this track, learn how VMware’s innovative solutions for emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) enable our partners and customers to execute their digital business transformation strategies. In this track you will also learn how VMware is exploring and identifying disruptive technology trends to shape future solutions yet to be built.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Although most companies agree with and want the obvious benefits of implementing the Internet of Things (IoT), they struggle to put it to work because IoT is hard to implement on an enterprise scale. Making your IoT implementation successful mandates the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), both of which have different needs and requirements. Sessions in this track showcase VMware's position and thought leadership in IoT. You will learn about solutions that cover all of your IoT operational, management, and infrastructure needs from the device to the edge. This includes onboarding, managing, monitoring, and securing all things throughout their lifecycle. With our rich partner ecosystem, VMware IoT solutions allow Operations and IT to have complete control over their IoT things, and implement and scale IoT in a more timely and cost-effective way.

Future Trends

VMware’s Office of the CTO is dedicated to looking over the horizon -- exploring and identifying disruptive technology trends to shape future solutions that will impact the future. This track will offer forward-looking technology sessions, including presentations and interactive panels that will help attendees plan and evolve their long-term IT strategies (2020-2025). Attendees will learn about VMware’s technology direction, research, innovation, open source, and sustainability efforts from VMware’s technology leaders within R&D and the Field.



VMware cloud services and products enable organizations to deploy and manage workloads on public and private clouds. Come learn about new offerings such as VMware Cloud on AWS and our Cross-Cloud Services – and those from trusted partners, the VMware vCloud Air Network – as well as our cloud management platform, VMware vRealize Suite. These solutions enable delivery and lifecycle management of infrastructure resources and applications across public and private clouds while ensuring application security, continuity, and portability, and help to avoid cloud provider lock-in. Cloud infrastructure teams can use their existing VMware skillsets and familiar management and operations tools across both public and private clouds. Application teams in IT or the lines of business can write, deploy and manage cloud applications in the context of their existing development and release processes. Enterprises benefit from increased speed and agility, reduced risk for the business, and lower operational costs.

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Leverage Hybrid Clouds

VMware offers unmatched flexibility and choice with a portfolio of best-in-class hybrid cloud solutions that enable customers to extend the capabilities of their data centers and private clouds through adoption of public clouds like AWS and over 4,000 vCloud Air Network partner clouds. Built on a common and secure operating foundation for hybrid clouds, these products and services empower IT to deliver agility, optimize cost, and accelerate innovation. They are based on solutions like the unified software-defined data center (SDDC) platform, VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware vCloud Director, the trusted vSphere platform, and vRealize Suite, the leading cloud management platform. As a result, customers can maximize the value of existing on-premises infrastructure, while confidently leveraging the same tools, technologies, and skills to quickly and securely take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Manage Multiple Clouds

Businesses today rely on IT organizations to deliver applications and services ever faster. This need for greater agility is driving CIOs to pursue a multi-cloud strategy. Adoption of multiple clouds is creating new cost, governance and security challenges for IT. VMware’s on-premises offerings – vRealize Suite (cloud management) and NSX (network virtualization) – together with VMware’s full SaaS-based offerings – VMware Cross Cloud Services, including Network Virtualization (NSXaaS), Cost Insight and Network Insight – help deploy, manage, secure and migrate workloads across public (AWS EC2, Azure VM, GCP) and private clouds. With these solutions, VMware is enabling customers to use multiple clouds, gain end-to-end visibility into cloud usage, costs, and networks, as well as deliver consistent security. By offering a unified cloud management approach, VMware is helping IT organizations balance agility and control, empowering them to accelerate their businesses’ digital transformation.



Enterprise consumerization is driving digital transformation. VMware Workspace ONE harnesses consumerization and empowers the digital workspace by delivering a consumer simple experience that enables the rapid adoption of new services and workflows while optimizing security with rich contextual access policies. With IT and VMware working together, enterprises can take advantage of digital transformation, speeding time to integrate apps, securing data, and controlling the hidden costs of shadow IT.


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Application and Desktop Virtualization

Dive into the details of VMware’s digital workspace solution. It includes a just-in-time management platform based on VMware’s software-defined data center virtualization and cloud management technologies. This platform delivers enterprise IT freedom, compatibility and cost efficiencies because any device can access a virtual application or desktop, regardless of OS. Dive into the details and learn how to lower TCO with secure delivery of desktops and apps to any device.

Unify Endpoint Management

Learn best practices and new ways to enable IT to leverage a single platform to manage all apps and devices, regardless of ownership models, with complete employee privacy. The solution includes unified endpoint management, built on industry-leading VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management (UEM) technology, with support across all major platforms - from desktop and mobile to IoT - and across deployment types - whether physical or virtual. By combining the requirement of traditional client management of desktops, including Windows 10, with a modern enterprise mobility management (EMM) framework, AirWatch UEM enables complete, scalable, and over-the-air lifecycle management at lower costs, improved security, and superior end user experience. Learn more about mobility at VMworld >>

Simplify Application and Access Management

Learn how to leverage VMware's digital workspace solution to remove the friction of access so employees can get work done in real time from any device or location, without compromising security. Provides users with a single repository to access all business apps, optimized by device type. One-touch mobile, single sign-on and simple self-service onboarding make the solution convenient and easy to use. Built with enterprise-level security in mind, VMware’s solution also includes multi-factor authentication using any mobile device. Its privacy-by-design approach assures users that their personal apps and data remain invisible to IT.



The rising cost of data breaches is staggering with no slowdown in sight. IT teams are struggling with point solutions as the traditional security approach no longer works. Security no longer resides on the perimeter but needs to be everywhere…from the device to the data center and everywhere in between. VMware transforms security by providing a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure, networking and endpoints, maximizing visibility and context of the interaction between users and applications, aligning security controls and policies to the applications they are protecting, and enabling the insertion of third-party security services for additional intelligent protection.

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Secure Application Infrastructure

One of the biggest obstacles in security may well be an architectural gap between the apps and data we must protect, and the infrastructure in which we place controls. The cloud presents a unique opportunity to architect-in security, rather than bolt it on. Micro-segmentation opened the door — enabling us to see and control the infrastructure through the lens of the application. In this track learn how VMware secures application infrastructure by providing a ubiquitous software layer to abstract infrastructure from the applications running on top of it. This provides maximum visibility and context of the environment, while also enabling micro-segmentation to align security controls with applications, and the encryption of data at rest.

Secure Identity and Endpoints

As enterprises shift to mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) explodes, enterprises face the major challenge of how to secure so many different endpoints. Adaptive security has unlocked the power to deliver workforce productivity and agility along with enterprise-grade security. In this track, learn how VMware secures user access and endpoints by providing a ubiquitous software layer that spans from the users’ identity and endpoints to the application infrastructure inside the data center. This provides maximum visibility and context of the interaction between users and applications, by aligning security controls and policies to the applications they are protecting, and enables the insertion of third-party security services for additional intelligent protection.

Evolve Governance, Risk, and Compliance

As organizations move to utilizing even more mobile and cloud services, the role of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) initiatives have become required and strategic mandates. Organizations increasingly require security validations from their IT departments and service providers to demonstrate compliance. ISO27001, SOC, PCI and HIPAA have become critical badges required for IT organizations. This requires technology providers to demonstrate that both hardware and software architecture supports GRC policies and frameworks standards outlined in NIST, FedRAMP, etc. and data privacy is a now a global mandate as evidenced by the European Union General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) In this track learn about the evolving necessity and reach of GRC and how it applies to your VMware IT infrastructure.



Today’s businesses increasingly rely on IT to deliver innovative solutions to solve complex business challenges. The new Leading Digital Transformation track at VMworld is designed to develop leaders with a distinct mix of business savvy and technological expertise, helping you and your organization thrive. Sessions will provide pragmatic guidance for innovation strategy and execution, as well as practical advice to further your own personal development as an IT leader. We will explore the most important technology shifts affecting IT, from mobility and cloud to the impact of the Internet of Everything and other emerging technologies, and offer solutions to your biggest challenges in digital transformation. Realize the possibilities and lead the shift to transform how business gets done in the digital era.


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