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Real-Time Analytics

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Real-Time Analytics

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Increasingly, businesses are being managed with more emphasis on insights from user and customer behavior. Applications are generating large numbers of events, leading to Big Data, which needs to be processed and analyzed quickly and efficiently so that business users can use it to their advantage. Such analysis not only provides the information necessary to provide products and services that users want but also lends a competitive edge to companies who incorporate customer behavior insights into their offerings. However, gaining deep insights into transactional, click-stream or other business data is no simple task. Further, critical elements of business analytics, such as funnel analytics, user behavior analytics, user or product segmentation, and aggregated analytics have traditionally needed significant consulting services, a highly iterative approach and database administrator skills to implement the solutions.

In this session we will discuss Big Data, real-time analytics, Hadoop analytics and data modeling. You will learn more about industry trends affecting you and your business from an analytics perspective, why traditional methods of addressing Big Data analytics are insufficient and increasingly failing, and new approaches to solving business analytics challenges in a low-cost, self-service, interactive fashion. We will also talk about new technology trends that are enabling efficient analytics such as Hadoop, NoSQL, interactive analytics, dynamic OLAP, multidimensional analytics and complex event processing.



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Breakout Session


1 Hour


Karthick Kannan,VMware, Inc.
David McMath,VMware, Inc.

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