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10 Reasons VMware vSphere Is the Best Place to Run Java

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10 Reasons VMware vSphere Is the Best Place to Run Java

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Interest in virtualizing Java workloads has been growing exponentially year over year at VMworld®. For the last few years, the focus has been primarily on looking for best practice guidance to mitigate concerns around virtualizing Java workloads, particularly in the area of performance.

Since the acquisition of SpringSource®, VMware has been investing in providing first-class support for the Java runtime on VMware vSphere®, with products such as EM4J. The industry-leading capabilities of the vSphere platform and the Java ecosystem’s growing product portfolio now arguably make vSphere the best place to run Java.

So rather than continuing to ask whether it’s OK to virtualize Java, this session suggests you would be crazy not to.



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Breakout Session


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Benjamin Corrie,VMware, Inc.

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