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Virtual Machines Outperforming Physical Machines - Crossing the Performance Barrier

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Virtual Machines Outperforming Physical Machines - Crossing the Performance Barrier

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The gap in application performance between virtual and physical machines has narrowed with successive releases of VMware’s products. What was once a delta of as much as 30% or more has narrowed to within 5-10% for most of today’s applications. But in some cases customers have instances where application performance on vSphere is outperforming the same application on a physical platform (i.e. no virtualization). We will examine how this is possible through two approaches: application scale out and direct physical-virtual comparisons.  In this session we will explain how the latest advancements in vSphere and server processor and memory management technologies have enabled application performance in virtual machines to exceed physical deployments. We will also introduce vSphere-minded design options that can circumvent scalability limitations in many of today’s commercial applications. We will examine results of performance testing exercises conducted by VMware and its partners involving commercial Java application servers, business intelligence application software, e-mail and collaboration software, web servers, databases and many others. Finally, we will examine how customers can achieve similar results in their environments by following some fundamental performance best practices.


Enterprise Applications

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Breakout Session


60 minutes


Scott Drummonds, Technical Director, vSpecialist, EMC Corporation.

David Korsunsky  Sr. Manager, ISV Alliances, VMware, Inc.

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