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Virtualized Oracle Database Server Performance and Best Practices

Created on: Jan 26, 2009 10:47 PM by VMworld Team - Last Modified:  Aug 25, 2009 7:00 PM by VMworld Team

  • - Proof positive that resource-intensive applications can be successfully virtualized with performance approaching that in native environments

  • - Understand how ESX features and algorithms affect application performance in order to facilitate high-performance deployment of similar applications

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Virtualized Oracle Database Server Performance and Best Practices

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VMware ESX is a stable and viable platform for applications with the most stringent performance requirements. Database applications are in a class by themselves when it comes to high demand for all system resources. The goal of this session is to demonstrate that such applications execute well inside a virtual machine. We will quantify how key VMware ESX features and other recent/upcoming changes make this possible. The TPC-C benchmark is the industry standard for workloads with high transaction throughput, high rates of disk accesses, etc. We will present performance data from experiments with a benchmark based on TPC-C as the workload to stress the system, which consisted of an 8-core server with an 8-vCPU RHEL 5.1 guest VM and the Oracle 11g DBMS. Storage was two CX3-80 arrays with 480 drives. We will show that VM performance closely matched the native performance on this large server.
Based on our experiences with this benchmark, we will present best practices and tips for optimal performance of applications with similar high resource demands.
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    Application Workloads & Performance

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    Technical Session


    Virtualized Oracle Database, VMware ESX features


    1 Hour


    Anoop Kundathil Manager and Systems Engineer

    • - Performance best practices and tuning tips



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