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VDI versus Terminal Services

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VDI versus Terminal Services

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Companies have been delivering desktops via Terminal Services for over a decade. When Microsoft added the remote desktop capability to Windows XP seven years ago, people said "Hey, now we can connect to remote Windows XP single user sessions instead of Terminal Server." And just like that, VDI was born. VDI and Terminal Server share a lot of common traits—both are classified as server-based computing solutions, and both have very, um, "passionate" supporters. So what's the deal today? Is the world about VDI "versus" Terminal Server? Is it VDI "and" Terminal Server? In this session, Brian Madden will take a no-nonsense look at VDI and Terminal Server technologies. He'll discuss what's real and not real today, and he'll explore where each technology is appropriate. Most importantly, he'll look ahead to the Windows 7 timeframe. Will Terminal Server desktops still dominate? Will Windows 7 be a VDI world? Find out here!


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Technical Overview Session


Networking; Storage / Backup; VMware Infrastructure; Virtualization Platform / Hypervisor


1 Hour


Brian Madden( TheBrian Madden Company )

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Brian Madden is an independent technology analyst, author, and thinker. He's written several books and over one thousand articles about application and desktop virtualization technology. Brian is also the editor-in-chief of, a popular industry website with millions of visitors per year.

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