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VMware Infrastructure  - Security Hardening & Best Practices (VMware VirtualCenter  VMware ESX & VMware ESXi)

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VMware Infrastructure - Security Hardening&Best Practices (VMware VirtualCenter VMware ESX&VMware ESXi)

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In this lab, we will discuss security concepts of a VMware Infrastructure including platform, isolation through virtualization, separation of duties and more.
Hands-on activities include the following topics:
1) Using a freeware tool to assess the configuration of a VMware ESX and the remediation steps needed to address various assessments.
2) Configuring virtual networks that provide isolation between the different zones within the DMZ.
3) Using VMware Infrastructure roles, permissions model, and resource pools to enforce the security concepts of Separation of Duties and Least Privilege.
Combining lecture and these hands-on activities, we will work together to complete the design and configuration of a 'DMZ in a Box.'


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Technical Overview Session


Networking; Storage / Backup; VMware Infrastructure; Virtualization Platform / Hypervisor


2 Hours


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