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VMworld 2011 is only 10 weeks away and you don’t want miss out.




For many reasons, including the ability to learn about the latest VMware offerings and see solutions from over 200 exhibitors in the Solutions Exchange.


Here are just some of the other reasons why you should register today for VMworld:


1) Hear from VMware visionaries and cutting edge customers at the General Sessions.


2) Content Catalog is live - learn about the over 175 unique breakout sessions and 23 labs—featuring topics that will cover everything from virtualizing business critical applications, to scaling virtual desktop infrastructure, to unifying private and public cloud resources with consistent security, compliance and management.


3) Schedule Builder goes live mid-July - by registering now for VMworld 2011, you will be notified first. Build your conference schedule and reserve your spot in the breakout sessions you care about most.


4) Participate in the “Refer Your Colleagues” program and receive an Apple iPad 2. Simply tell your friends and colleagues the value of VMworld and invite them to attend. See details of the program here.


5) Save $600 - Early Bird rate ends Friday, June 24. Don’t miss the chance to save your company some money.


VMworld offers the tools to deliver unprecedented IT simplicity, agility, flexibility and cost efficiency. You’ll define owning the Cloud as something that will do more than just support your business. It will set it free.


This is VMworld 2011. This is your Cloud. Own it.

Now that VMworld 2010 has concluded, it's time to digest and consume sessions that were offered.  If you attended VMworld 2010 in either San Francisco or Copenhagen, you have been granted full access.  If you were not an attendee, you will need a VMworld 2010 Subscription.  However, VMworld 2010 General Sessions + Super Sessions AND all content from previous VMworld conferences is free to all VMworld.com visitors.
Cheers to the lab staff and participants at VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen.  After an amazing and record setting hands-on lab experience in San Francisco, the lab team put the lab cloud to the test, bringing the labs online in Copenhagen via PCoIP (datacenter actually back in the U.S.).  And the results were awesome yet again.
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Join the VMworld Social Media Team on Thursday as we continue to stream live video between 13:00-16:00 CET from the Social Media & Blogger Lounge at the Bella Center, Copenhagen.   Follow the live video stream on our VMworld 2010 Video page.
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Best of VMworld 2010 Europe User Awards Winners Announced
The Best of VMworld 2010 Europe User Awards were hosted on Wednesday by SearchVirtualDataCentre.co.uk.

And the winners are…

• Simon Gallagher, vinf.net - Best of Show
• Simon Gallagher, vinf.net - Best Remote Office/Home Office Virtualization Project
• Benny Goedbloed, Belgian Department of Justice - Best Desktop Virtualization Project
• Paul Maddock, Warwickshire College - Best Desktop Virtualization Project Honorable Mention
• Christian Manzia, Bankadati - Best Virtualization and Server Consolidation Project
• Richard Nunan, DNM Technology - Best Private Cloud Computing Project
• Daniel Pfuhl, University Hospital Leipzig - Best Virtualization for Disaster Recovery Project

Congratulations to all the winners!

  Visit Tech Target's Award Coverage

VMworld Labs Buzzing

Posted by Tony Dunn Oct 13, 2010
If you haven't participated in the Hands-on Lab at VMworld in Copenhagen...get on over there and jump in!
Join the VMworld Social Media Team on Wednesday as we continue to stream live video between 15:00-18:00 CET from the Social Media & Blogger Lounge at the Bella Center, Copenhagen.   Follow the live video stream on our VMworld 2010 Video page.

If you have any questions you would like to ask our host or any of the guest speakers, please send your questions or comments via Twitter and add the hashtag #vmworldlive to your tweet.

The following is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13:

15:00 -
VMware in Europe
David Wright, VP Technical Resources, EMEA, VMware

15:15 -
vSphere PowerCLI and vSphere 4.
Dimitar Hristov, Member of Technical Staff, VMware

15:30 - Mobile solutions
Srinivas Krishnamurti, Sr. Director, Mobile Solutions, VMware

15:45 - VMware Go Pro
Paul Olstad, Director, Web Services,  Shavlik Technologies
Serge Robe,  Sr Product Marketing Manager, EMEA,  VMware

16:00 -
VMware Labs
Mornay van der Walt, Director, Technical Marketing, VMware
Dan Anderson, Principal Architect, VMware

16:15 -
VMware vShield Product Family
Dean Coza, Director of Product Management, VMware

16:30 - New Generation of IT Management
Rob Smoot, Director, Product Marketing, VMware

16:45 -
50,000 Seat VDI reference architecture
Chris Gebhardt, Lead VDI Architect, NetApp

17:00 -
Paul Strong, CTO EMEA, VMware

17:15 - EMC

Chris Carrier, Director Marketing, EMC
Mukesh Sharma, Director Alliances, EMC

17:30 -
VMware certification & education
Brian Rice, Group Product Manager, Education Services, VMware

For an archive of Tuesday's lineup, please view Tuesday's schedule.

And if you are able to embed the VMworld LIVE player code on your site or blog, here is the code:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="300" width="400" id="live_embed_player_flash" data="http://www.justin.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.swf?channel=vmworldlive" bgcolor="#000000"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><param name="allowNetworking" value="all" /><param name="movie" value="http://www.justin.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.swf" /><param name="flashvars" value="channel=vmworldlive&auto_play=false&start_volume=25" /></object>

Whether at the conference or back at home/office, we hope your enjoying VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen and coverage online.

Here is a quick look at facts and fun figures so far...
- Over 6,000 attendees
- 82 countries represented
- 113 exhibitors

so far... 14,000 bottles of soft drinks consumed
estimated... 9,000 bottles of Tubourg to be served/consumed at the Welcome Reception

VMware Hands-on Labs:
- 2,155 labs completed
- 20,397 VMs deployed

Top 10 Labs:
1. VMware View 4.5  Install and Config
2. VMware vCloud Director Install & Config
3. VMware View 4.5 Advanced
4. VMware ESX 4.1 new features
5. VMware vShield
6. VMware vSphere Perf & Tuning
7. VMware vSphere Troubleshooting
8. VMware ESXi Remote Mngmnt Utilities
9. Basic VMware vSphere Install & Config
10. VMware vSphere PowerCLI

Let the journey continue!
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VMworld 2010 Copenhagen Welcome Reception
Tuesday, 12 October (17.30-19.30 CET)
Solutions Exchange, Bella Center, Hall E

VMware Go was initially designed as an easy on-ramp to virtualization to guide users of any expertise level through the installation and configuration of VMware vSphere Hypervisor. Based on feedback from customers VMware Go has met this goal. According to customers “VMware Go is so easy to deploy its like child’s play!” and “virtualization is now as simple as making toast”.  One customer said he “Was surprised at how easy VMware has made Virtualization”. Now with VMware Go Pro we want to bring that same ease-of-use to IT infrastructure management to help SMBs increase their IT productivity and business responsiveness.

VMware Go Pro is a web-based service designed to simplify IT management for Small businesses. VMware Go Pro lets users easily virtualize servers, scan and deploy patches to secure their infrastructure, and track software inventory and licenses to maintain compliance. VMware Go Pro provides a single pane of glass to manage both virtual and physical infrastructures. VMware Go was developed in partnership with Shavlik Technologies, and now with VMware Go Pro that partnership has been extended to leverage Shavlik’s expertise in patch management. Although patch management is new to VMware Go Pro, the underlying technology is robust and mature as it was developed by the same team of experts that built the well-known Shavlik NetChk Protect which has been used by thousands of customers.

The free trial of VMware Go Pro is now available and includes the following new features:

(Click on screenshots to zoom in for details)

Patch Management to Secure your Physical and Virtual Infrastructure. Keeping patches up to date is critical to ensuring the security of your IT infrastructure and protecting it from threats, however patch management can be complex and resource-intensive for small businesses. VMware Go Pro is a simple and affordable patch management solution specifically designed for the small business.


Patch Scan:
Scan physical and virtual machines for missing security, non-security, and 3rd party patches for the Microsoft OS.  Scan by machine name, domain or IP range. View missing patches sorted by patch or machine and view past scan results if desired.

Deployment: Deploy patches to all or selected at risk machines and specify reboot options if appropriate.
Software License Management to Track Software Inventory and Licenses to Maintain Compliance. As the number of applications and devices in the typical small business rises, tracking and managing software licensing and usage can become challenging. VMware Go Pro helps customers maintain control of their software inventory
- Scan physical and virtual machines for software titles, so you know exactly what exists in your IT environment.
- View software titleslisher, and view past scan results if desired.
- Scan by machine name, domain or IP rang
sorted by pube and remove irrelevant machines from the scan results.

Create software license descriptions: These consist of the license name, description, number of licenses, license key, purchase date and expiration date.
Maintain Software Compliance:   Once you’ve created a software license description you can assign it to  the appropriate software title.  Software titles are discovered during  the software inventory scan. The license management report matches the  quantity of licenses entered in the license description with the number  of instances of the software title found during the software scan. If  the instances of the software title is greater than the number of  licenses (i.e. if Crystal Reports was found on 7 machines during the  scan, but you only have 5 licenses for it) then this software title is  marked as non-compliant. Software that hasn’t been assigned a license is  also considered non-compliant. If there are software titles that you  don’t need to assign a license to (like free software), you can simply  hide those specific titles. The license management report can also be  filtered to quickly show only the non-compliant software titles.

Next Steps:
For more information: http://www.vmware.com/products/go
Try Now: https://www.vmware.com/tryvmware/index.php?p=free-esxi&lp=1

Join the VMworld Social Media Team as we stream live video from the Social Media & Blogger Lounge at the Bella Center, Copenhagen.  Follow the live video stream on VMworld.com at the VMworld 2010 Video page.

The following is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12:

15:00:  Welcome to VMworld 2010 Europe

15:30: Managing Clouds
Ramin Sayar, VP Product Management & Marketing, VMware
Rob Smoot, Director Product Marketing, VMware

15:45: vCloud Director
Eddie Dinel,  Sr Product Manager, VMware

16:00: vCloud Consulting Services
Matthew Stepanski, VP Cloud Services, VMware
Dino Cicciarelli, Sr Director, Cloud Practice, VMware
Stephen Beck, Director, Cloud Practice, VMware

16:15: Mark Beaumont and David Howorth, Verizon Business

16:30 Secure Multi-Tenancy
Jay Kidd, SVP, NetApp
Ed Bugnion, VP/CTO, Cisco
Vittorio Viarengo, VP, VMware

16:45: Mark Leonard, CIO, Colt

17:00: Joost Matten, CEO, Terremark EMEA

17:15: Eric Kuzmack, Enterprise Strategist, Dell

17:30 VMware User Groups

17:45: Steve Herrod, CTO & SVP, VMware

If you're attending VMworld 2010 Copenhagen, drop by the VMware booth #95 in the Solutions Exchange at the Bella Center.

The 4 main solution areas will include:

1) Cloud Application Platform Solutions
2) Cloud Infrastructure and Management Solutions
3) End-User Computing Solutions
4) Services and Support

Other areas of the VMware booth will include:

- Genius Bar
- VMUG Pod (VMware User Groups)
- VMware Partners Network Desk
- Customer Showcase Pod
- Service Provider Cloud Pavilion

Dates & Hours for the Solutions Exchange (Copenhagen time zone):
Tuesday, October 12th:  10:30 – 19:30 (17:30 – 19:30 for Welcome Reception)
Wednesday, October 13th:  9:00 – 18:30
Thursday, October 14th:  9:00 – 16:00

Tony Dunn
VMware Social Media & Communities
Twitter: @tony_dunn
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Copenhagen, Denmark...are you ready?  VMworld is coming to town October 12-14 and bringing the VMworld community.  If you haven't registered yet, please don't wait.  The sooner you register, the better, so you can start planning your schedule.

Here are some key links:
VMworld Europe 2010 Registration
VMworld Europe 2010 Hotel Reservations
VMworld Europe 2010 Content Catalogue
VMworld Europe 2010 Super Sessions
VMworld Europe 2010 Partner Track

And some resources:
Program Guide
Solutions Exchange Map
Sponsors & Exhibitors List
VMworld Europe 2010 FAQs

VMworld Social Media and Community will continue to thrive at Copenhagen just as it did in San Francisco, connecting attendees with the outside world and making sure all announcements, activities and highlights are shared by everyone.

Here is a "Social Media Survival Kit" to use during the conference:
VMworld Europe 2010 Social Media Guide
Sign-up for social media contributors
Sign-up for social gatherings & activities
VMworld BUZZ page
VMworld Blogger Coverage
VMworld Twitter Feeds
VMworld Video w/ "VMworld Live" video streaming
VMworld Discussions & Documents

See you there!

Tony Dunn
VMware Social Media & Communities
Twitter: @tony_dunn

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The VMworld 2010 (San Francisco) collection of session & lab videos, PDFs and MP3s has been released on VMworld.com for viewing in the Virtual Theater.  General/Super Sessions are free for public viewing, but all other sessions and labs require that you either were a paid attendee from the VMworld 2010 San Francisco conference or purchased a VMworld 2010 Subscription.
Note: VMworld Europe 2010 paid attendees will be granted access immediately after VMworld in Copenhagen.

Visit the VMworld Sessions & Labs Theater

Whether for fun or education, sit back and watch the video recordings, listen to the audio playbacks over slides, download the PDF presentations or download/listen to the MP3 podcasts.  There is a a ton of content to review, so dig into any sessions or labs you may have missed.  And if you didn't make it to San Francisco, consider purchasing a VMworld 2010 Subscription for full access.

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Calling all VMworld 2010 San Francisco attendees...
We're all experiencing an epic event here at VMworld 2010 San Francisco.  Now, let's share this out to the world.  We're looking for video clips and photos from attendees taken at the conference.


If you have a video clip of footage from the conference, please upload it to YouTube so it can be shared.  Post the YouTube link on our VMworld Facebook page.  Of course, if you have other video sources, that will work too.  And please post your video on our VMworld Video page as well using your VMworld account login.


If you have a great photo or series of photos from the conference, please post them to our VMworld Facebook page.  This can be a link to Flickr, Picassa, or added as an attachment.  And please post your video on our VMworld Photo page as well using your VMworld account  login.


The video that receives the most "Like" entries between now and the  end of Wednesday at midnight (PST), will be our video winner.   The  photo that receives the most "Like" entries between now and the end  of Wednesday at midnight (PST), will be our photo winner.

To be eligible to win...

1) You must be an actual attendee here at VMworld 2010 San Francisco to be eligible.
2) Your video or photo must be taken here or near the San Francisco Moscone center
3) Your video or photo must be posted to our VMworld Facebook page.
4) Your video of photo must be your own creation (not posting for someone else)
4) You must be at VMworld 2010 on Thursday and come by the Social Media & Blogger Lounge to claim your prize.

Video winner prize:

A vintage collection of VMworld bags from 2007, 2008 and 2009 + 1 "free" VMworld 2010 Subscription ($699 value)

Photo winner prize:

1 "free" VMworld 2010 Subscription ($699 value)

This contest is primarily intended to share VMworld 2010 experiences with our VMworld followers and those who couldn't make it to the conference.  Prizes are fun, but not intended to be that "killer" giveaway...so have fun with it and spread the word.  Of course, not all attendees are Facebook fans (yes, we know that)...but this is the quickest way to run this in a short time.

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