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VMware Go was initially designed as an easy on-ramp to virtualization to guide users of any expertise level through the installation and configuration of VMware vSphere Hypervisor. Based on feedback from customers VMware Go has met this goal. According to customers “VMware Go is so easy to deploy its like child’s play!” and “virtualization is now as simple as making toast”.  One customer said he “Was surprised at how easy VMware has made Virtualization”. Now with VMware Go Pro we want to bring that same ease-of-use to IT infrastructure management to help SMBs increase their IT productivity and business responsiveness.

VMware Go Pro is a web-based service designed to simplify IT management for Small businesses. VMware Go Pro lets users easily virtualize servers, scan and deploy patches to secure their infrastructure, and track software inventory and licenses to maintain compliance. VMware Go Pro provides a single pane of glass to manage both virtual and physical infrastructures. VMware Go was developed in partnership with Shavlik Technologies, and now with VMware Go Pro that partnership has been extended to leverage Shavlik’s expertise in patch management. Although patch management is new to VMware Go Pro, the underlying technology is robust and mature as it was developed by the same team of experts that built the well-known Shavlik NetChk Protect which has been used by thousands of customers.

The free trial of VMware Go Pro is now available and includes the following new features:

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Patch Management to Secure your Physical and Virtual Infrastructure. Keeping patches up to date is critical to ensuring the security of your IT infrastructure and protecting it from threats, however patch management can be complex and resource-intensive for small businesses. VMware Go Pro is a simple and affordable patch management solution specifically designed for the small business.


Patch Scan:
Scan physical and virtual machines for missing security, non-security, and 3rd party patches for the Microsoft OS.  Scan by machine name, domain or IP range. View missing patches sorted by patch or machine and view past scan results if desired.

Deployment: Deploy patches to all or selected at risk machines and specify reboot options if appropriate.
Software License Management to Track Software Inventory and Licenses to Maintain Compliance. As the number of applications and devices in the typical small business rises, tracking and managing software licensing and usage can become challenging. VMware Go Pro helps customers maintain control of their software inventory
- Scan physical and virtual machines for software titles, so you know exactly what exists in your IT environment.
- View software titleslisher, and view past scan results if desired.
- Scan by machine name, domain or IP rang
sorted by pube and remove irrelevant machines from the scan results.

Create software license descriptions: These consist of the license name, description, number of licenses, license key, purchase date and expiration date.
Maintain Software Compliance:   Once you’ve created a software license description you can assign it to  the appropriate software title.  Software titles are discovered during  the software inventory scan. The license management report matches the  quantity of licenses entered in the license description with the number  of instances of the software title found during the software scan. If  the instances of the software title is greater than the number of  licenses (i.e. if Crystal Reports was found on 7 machines during the  scan, but you only have 5 licenses for it) then this software title is  marked as non-compliant. Software that hasn’t been assigned a license is  also considered non-compliant. If there are software titles that you  don’t need to assign a license to (like free software), you can simply  hide those specific titles. The license management report can also be  filtered to quickly show only the non-compliant software titles.

Next Steps:
For more information: http://www.vmware.com/products/go
Try Now: https://www.vmware.com/tryvmware/index.php?p=free-esxi&lp=1



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