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Are you a Social Media influencer/follower, a VMware community member, a virtualization/cloud expert, or just a VMworld conference fan?  For all of these and all others attending or following the VMworld 2011 Conference, here is the guide you must view or download.


VMworld 2011 Social Media
"Survival Guide"



Enough said... see you there or online!

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VMworld 2011 is only days away -- are you connected?

Contributor Lists/Schedules (Las Vegas only)
- Twitter Contributors (add yourself if covering VMworld)
- Bloggers (add yourself if providing VMworld blog coverage)
- Community Lounge Meetups (propose a #vMeetup)
- VMware Community TV & Podcasting (propose a video or podcast)
- Gatherings, Tweetups & Parties (add your events)
- Solution Exchange/Booth Presentations (add your presentations)
- Promotions, Games & Contests (add your offerings)

- Use the #vmworld Twitter hashtag in all your tweets
- Search #vmworld in your own client/browser/device for coverage
- VMworld 2011 Las Vegas Twitter Contributors (add yourself if covering VMworld)
- Official list on Twitter for VMworld 2011 U.S. (follow this Twitter list)
- VMworld Twitter feeds page on VMworld.com (follow tweets on VMworld, contributors and sessions)
- View all VMware accounts on Twitter (follow these accounts for year-round highlights)
Note: Twitter @handles will be on VMworld attendee badges this year (field from registration form)

- VMworld Blog (subscribe to the RSS feed)
- VMworld 2011 Las Vegas Blogger List (add yourself if covering VMworld)
- VMworld Bloggers page on VMworld.com (provides feed of contributor blog posts + other blogs)
- View all VMware Blogs (subscribe to the RSS feed for each blog for year-round highlights)

Discussion Forums
- VMworld 2011 Discussion Forum and Documents/Wikis (subscribe to the RSS feed)
- VMware Community Discussion Forums (VMTN)

- VMworld.com videos page (YouTube, VMworld Live Streaming, TheCUBE reporting)
- VMworld TV (subscribe to our channel for the latest videos)
- View all VMware playlists on YouTube

- VMworld.com Facebook page (follow the VMworld feed)
- VMworld Facebook Wall (post questions, comments, photos -- or respond to other postings)
- View all VMware pages on Facebook ("Like" these accounts for year-round highlights)

- Post photos on our Facebook wall
- Post your photos into a Flickr account or group (be sure to tag all photos with "vmworld")
- Twitpic, Yfrog or Instagram (be sure to tag w/ "vmworld" or include #vmworld in all postings)
- VMworld.com Photos page (sign-in and post photos from the conference)

To be launched next week: "Experience VMworld 2011 Online" -- an online shared experience for the show following a daily agenda covering many of the events and activity via Twitter, Blogs, Video, Photos and more (no session access).  This is offered to provide an online show experience for anyone who can not attend the conference. It is also a great way for attendees to view more of the show content online that they miss in person.

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