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VMworld 2014 Europe Social Media Guide: PDF Download

¡Tiempo para el VMworld 2014 Europe de nuevo en Barcelona! We're excited to bring the VMworld community together again in Barcelona -- such a great venue for an impactful global event. As a guide for social media resources, please share this blog post with other attendees or online followers of the conference. 

Onsite Offerings

Our Social Media & Community team will be in the Hang Space within Hall 7 of the Gran Fira Conference Centre. Find the "Social Media & Community" large hanging banner next to the Hands-on Labs. Besides being a great area to work, network with attendees, blog, watch live streams, charge devices and relax -- experience the following:
  •       Community Tech Talks
    The vBrownBag production team will be running a series of 30 minute LIVE presentations Tues and Wed in the Hang Space on stage for audience viewing. These will also be filmed for watching as a LIVE stream or recordings.  Please read the Tech Talks blog post for the schedule of speakers and topics.
  •       Social Media Command Center
    Drop by to see the latest VMworld topics and trends buzzing on social channels and say hi to our team. Ask about best practices, tips or questions on social media content at VMworld. And if you have content of value to share with the VMworld community, ask about amplification and/or retweets.
  •       VMware Communities
    Drop by and meet with a community manager to learn more about VMware Discussion Forums & Communities (VMTN), our Product Beta Program, our vExpert Program or any of our specific Communities for Developers, Support, Training, Certification, TAM and more.
  •       CloudCred Rewards for Hands-on Labs
    Hands-on Labs and CloudCred are teaming up at VMworld to reward you for doing something you already love doing -- taking Labs! By signing up for CloudCred and completing Labs, you will have the opportunity to win prizes such as a GoPro or iPod. Drop by the CloudCred station to learn more or pick up prizes. Read http://vmw.re/hol-cloudcred.
  •       Blogger Tables
    If you are a blogger and contributing with VMworld related blogs during the conference, join fellow bloggers at our dedicated Blogger table (with internet connections and power charging).  Ask for a VMworld Blogger button/pin. There are also blogger tables available at the front of General Session. Sign-up to be added to our "unofficial list of VMworld Bloggers" for networking and stay current with all blog rollups: http://vmw.re/bloggers.
  •       Big Screens
    We will have 3 jumbo big screens in the Hang Space for viewing realtime social media streams of posts and photos from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Highlight loops will display conference info, lab stats, leaderboards and highlights. General Sessions will be broadcast on screens Tues and Wed morning.
  •       Mobile App
    There will be a new VMworld 2014 Mobile App for Europe (available soon, separate from the U.S. version). Download this from either the iOS or Android app store. Under "Social Media" you will find a realtime stream and social media links. Session abstracts with session hashtags, sponsor/exhibitor info and your own tweets and photos can be shared directly from the mobile app. Visit http://vmw.re/mobile.
  •       VMworld Gatherings & Parties
    And if you need even more to fill your schedules, make room for parties and other gatherings during the week. See a growing list of official/unofficial gatherings at http://vmw.re/gatherings.

Online Offerings

  •       Social Media Stream
    NEW this year, is an online realtime social stream of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to follow VMworld postings and buzz. Watch this stream leading into, during and after the conference. Online at http://vmw.re/social-stream.
  •       Videos
    Watch General Session keynotes, VMworld TV interviews & highlights, Community Tech Talks and other VMworld videos all in one place. Both LIVE streams and recordings will be availalble: http://vmw.re/videos.
  •       Social Media Channels
    For a listing of all VMworld channels to follow and subscribe to, visit http://vmw.re/social.
  •       Photos
    Photos are one of the best ways to experience VMworld online. Search Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and other networks for the #VMworld or #VMworldSelfie hashtags. You can also visit http://vmw.re/photos for links to our albums.
See you in Barcelona!
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VMworld 2014 U.S. Wrap-up

Posted by Tony Dunn Aug 30, 2014
What a great week at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco! As we wind down to recharge and then gear up for VMworld 2014 in Barcelona, here are a few resources to help wrap-up:

Blogs on news and announcements:
VMworld 2014 Bloggers Rollup
VMware Tribal Knowledge Blog wrap-up

Video playlists on VMworld TV (YouTube):
VMworld 2014 U.S. Highlights from San Francisco
VMworld 2014 U.S. Keynotes and Top Sessions
VMworld 2014 U.S. Interviews by theCUBE
VMworld 2014 U.S. Community Tech Talks (vBrownBag)

NEW! Watch video recordings of the Top 10 Sessions for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from VMworld 2014 U.S. (available for everyone). Scroll through the pages for top 10 from all 3 days. For all sessions, you must be a paid VMworld 2014 U.S. attendee.  Attendees will be notified when available in early September.

Watch for variety of offerings from our VMworld Social Media & Community page as we head into VMworld 2014 Europe. For example, the VMworld team curated a series of community postings into a VMworld Storify account. We will also be posting VMworld 2014 photo albums on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest.


VMworld 2014 Social Stream
NEW this year, we are offering a VMworld 2014 Social Stream of postings and photos from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, directly from you, our community.  Watch this stream and participate by adding the #vmworld hashtag to any of your postings to appear in the stream.  This will be running for all of VMworld 2014 — from San Francisco through to Barcelona!.

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http://vmwebapp.com/images/social.jpeg It's that season again... not summer or fall, but VMworld! Bigger than ever, the theme says it all — NO LIMITS.  With so many online conversations, so many social postings, so many community gatherings, social media and community has arguably become the heartbeat for much of VMworld.

Networking Opportunities
If you are planning to attend, welcome to one of the greatest networking events in the IT industry. If you go through the week at VMworld without exhausting all your networking opportunities, you may be missing the biggest takeaway of the conference. Take advantage of every moment, from discussions with session & theater speakers — to demos with booth staff — to hallway conversations with other attendees. Don't be afraid to tap the shoulder of that person standing or sitting next to you and introduce yourself.  Use VMword social media conversations to amplify your networking with the extended VMworld community.

NOTE: if you are attending and haven’t done so already, be sure to add your Twitter @name in the VMworld registration form. This is an opt-in option for printing this on your badge.

    Hang Space
    The Hang Space, a huge open-space  room next to the General Session theater, will be a destination for many attendees who share a passion for social media.  Plan to spend time at the Hang Space to network with bloggers, subject experts, executives and VMworld Attendees.  It's the perfect place to meet-up, get organized, catch up on news & email, blog, charge devices, or just relax with lounge seating, interactive games and beverages.

    » LIVE streamed Community Tech Talks (stage and seating)
    » VMware Communities Info Desk (meet VMware Community Mgrs)
    » CloudCred Pod (prizes based on Hands-on Lab tasks)
    » Blogger Tables (powerstrips and high speed wired internet)
    » Social Media Command Center (monitoring & publishing for VMworld social media)
    » Jumbo Screens for social media, General Session video broadcast & show highlights

    Solutions Exchange
    The Solutions Exchange offers fast-paced networking at the Sponsor & Exhibitor booths. Plan to spend time with company reps, watching demos, listening to theater presentations and meeting hundreds of attendees exploring this area. Don't forget to bring business cards or contact apps, as well as your backpack or swag bag to collect materials and goodies.

    Other Lounges
    Explore the various Lounges around the VMworld venue — from the Partner Lounge — to Advocacy Lounge — to Certification Lounge — to Alumni Lounge.  Each of these lounges offers a unique networking experience based on different audiences. Check the Conference maps for exact location of each.

Social Media Offerings and Opportunities
For a summary of all offerings, visit our VMworld Social Media & Community page or download the Social Media Guide . Please share this with your peers.

    VMworld Mobile App
    We highly recommend all attendees download and use the Mobile App this year. It has been refreshed for 2014 and integrated with social media, session and schedule info (with hashtags to tweet about specific sessions), daily agenda highlights and even a mobile game for attendees with leaderboard. The mobile app will be available for download for both iOS and Android devices from Mobile App Stores. (mid-Aug for U.S. and Oct for Europe).

    VMworld Hashtags
    The official VMworld conference hashtag is #vmworld. We are also encouraging fun hashtags such as #vmworld3word (your best 3-word tweet) and #vmworldselfie (for selfies and group pics). Hashtags are also available for every Session & Lab by making a hashtag out of any SessionID or LabID (remove all dashes).  For more details on hashtags and to view realtime VMworld Twitter streams, visit VMworld Twitter Hashtags.

    VMworld Discussions
    Post VMworld discussions, reply to threads, share Q&A or upload documents for the community at our VMworld Discussion Forum. This is a great place to connect with other attendees, browse topics or reach out to the Event staff. If you prefer Twitter, use the VMworld hashtags listed above to view conversations, network and post your tweets.

    VMworld Bloggers
    Blogger tables will be setup in the Hang Space and at the front of the General Session theater for use by VMworld bloggers. Blogger buttons will be available at the Hang Space tables and an unofficial Blogger list is available online along with a rollup of blog posts from contributing bloggers. View and signup at VMworld Bloggers

    VMworld Videos
    At the Hang Space, there will be a Community Tech Talks stage with LIVE streaming video for sessions throughout the week. In the lobby of Moscone South, theCUBE, hosted by SiliconAngle and Wikibon, will be LIVE streaming interviews with executives, tech influencers and analysts. And roaming the conference hallways will be our own VMworld TV crew, providing conference highlights and interviews. Watch it all online and learn about schedules and signup at VMworld Videos.

    VMworld Photo & Video Sharing
    If you plan to take photos at VMworld, please tag them with #vmworld or #vmworldselfie and share them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For any videos you create, please upload them to YouTube, Vimeo or try short video loops using Vine App and Instagram.

    VMworld Gatherings
    Plan time in your schedules for both official and unofficial conference events, community gatherings and sponsor parties — happening all week, night and day. We’ve put together a VMworld Gatherings list for you – and if you have an additional gathering you wish to add, please use the submission form on this page.

VMworld Channels / Social Networks

Here is a quick rundown on VMworld Social Media accounts to follow or subscribe to:
Follow @vmworld on Twitter
Subscribe to VMworld TV on YouTube
Subscribe to the VMworld Conference Blog
Like the VMworld Page on Facebook
Follow the VMworld Page on Google+
Join the VMworld Group on LinkedIn
Follow the VMworld Pinterest Boards
Follow the VMworld Instagram Account
View the VMworld Flickr Photosets
Check-in at VMworld 2014 locations on Foursquare

For anyone attending, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible — and for those online, I hope you can join the VMworld conversations or follow along with the wide range of social media and community offerings that VMworld offers. If you would like to connect, you can find me on Twitter: @tony_dunn

Download the PDF: VMworld 2014 Social Media Guide
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It’s time once again for VMworld, and you know what that means—it’s time for Spousetivities at VMworld again! This year VMworld will be back in San Francisco, and the team has been working hard to put together a fantastic line-up of activities for you. Registration is already open, so click here to visit the registration page and sign up.

As usual, there will be prizes and giveaways, the famous vWife T-shirts (there will be some gender-neutral shirts for anyone who needs them), and bags filled with goodies. All in all, Spousetivities at VMworld 2012 is shaping up to be a great event.

Who can attend Spousetivities?

Anyone! While it's primarily targeted at the spouses of the conference attendees, anyone traveling with a conference attendee is welcome to join us. Parents, spouses, domestic partners, significant others--all are welcome.

Don’t delay—sign up today!

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   Not your typical vMeetup

The whole layout of VMworld is new again this year. Right outside the Solutions Exchange (remember -- bring your comfortable shoes!) is going to be what we're calling the "Hang Space" -- not sure if that's our internal code name or if it'll be something like "The Stately VMworld Relaxation Gardens" by the time it gets to your program, but let's just use "Hang Space" for now. In that space, along with lots of room for, um, hanging, will be other landmarks like the VMworld Bookstore and the always-popular VMworld Community Lounge. In the lounge is where a lot of action takes place, and where you'll find our community and social media team hanging out all week. We'll have tables and power for our blogging colleagues, but everyone is welcome to come by and hang out. The Community Lounge is also a great place to use as a meeting point.


New this year we're also having a full program of vMeetups in the Community Lounge! What's a vMeetup? Well, that's up to you! The vMeetup schedule is a completely open schedule that will be set by the attendees of VMworld in half hour blocks Monday through Thursday throughout the entire week of VMworld Las Vegas. vMeetups are just like Birds of a Feather meetings or Special Interest Groups that you're familiar with at other conferences. These aren't for presentations; these are chances to get together with like-minded individuals and talk!


Your vMeetup could be for....

  • - people interested in a virtualization or cloud topic (security? building a cloud requirements document? high performance computing?)
  • - administrators of a particular piece of software (Notes? Blackboard? Oracle Apps?)
  • - IT professionals in a particular industry (K12? Dental Practices? Logistics? Retail?)
  • - other people in your city or region without a VMUG
  • - meeting a book author
  • - discussing how to do something (one for people interested in starting a virtualization blog)
  • - or you tell us what you want to talk about ... it's in your hands!


The vMeetup schedule will NOT be in the Schedule Builder -- you'll find it online, on the Big Board in the Hang Space, and on screens in the Community Lounge. We'll lock in as much of the schedule as we can before the show so that you can plan around any interesting vMeetups. These vMeetups are also separate from the Knowledge Expert Group Discussions that you can find in the Schedule Builder on topics like Cloud Security and Memory Management. VMworld exhibitors are welcome to propose a vMeetup, but priority will be given to community-submitted topics, and we encourage you to submit topics that can engender discussion among community members, or meetings of like-minded individuals around a particular topic. Each organization is limited to one vMeetup per day.)


#vMeetup Scheduled Times in the VMworld Community Lounge

Monday 9:00am - 3:30pm

Tuesday 10:00am - 5:30pm

Wednesday 9:00am - 4:30pm

Thursday 9:30am - 2:00pm


> Propose a Community Lounge #vMeetup


Please share the schedule page as: vmware.com/go/vmworld-meetups
Promote with Twitter hashtag: #vMeetup

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Join your fellow VMworld attendees in a special bike ride and fun run on Monday, August 29 in Red Rock Canyon (about 30 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip). You can enjoy either a 23 mile bike ride or an hour run/walk taking in the sights of the Las Vegas desert and towering cliffs of the canyon.


You will start the day meeting everyone at 5am, yes that is really early but you have to beat the heat, and be shuttled to the starting point. From there the groups will head out and be returned to The Venetian by 8:30, with time to shower and prepare for VMworld.



This is a great opportunity for you to meet some colleagues and network before hitting the ground running with education and all that VMworld has to offer.


There is a cost associated with the Bike Ride and Fun Run to cover shuttle costs, bike rentals and such, but all proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Red Rock Canyon, an organization dedicated to the preservation, protection and enrichment of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.


Visit the sign-up page for more information and we look forward to seeing you on the roads.


--The VMworld Team—


Follow us on:



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Have you ever wanted to participate during the General Sessions at VMworld? Or, be seen by  thousands of your peers and colleagues? Then, this is the opportunity you can’t miss.

This year we are inviting everyone to submit a video to help represent the entire VMware community. Simply shoot a brief video of yourself saying four key phrases in your native language and send it to us.

If selected, you will join other members of the community in a complied video played during the opening General Session of the US and European conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to represent the VMware community. Get more information on these special VMworld videos.

Follow us on:




We are pleased to announce that VMworld Europe will be held in October 2010.  The VMworld Europe conference will follow our Global VMworld conference, scheduled for San Francisco in September 2010, to ensure that we are able to roll out key initiatives to customers and partners more quickly and consistently worldwide. As the leading virtualization conference, VMworld will continue to offer its diverse global audience the latest information on how virtualization is revolutionizing the next generation of computing.


More information on the specific dates and location for VMworld Europe 2010 will be announced soon!


In the meantime, don’t miss your chance to register for VMworld 2009 taking place August 31-September 3 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.


Visit  www.vmworld2009.com to register.

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VMworld.com Subscription

Posted by cfung08 Jul 6, 2009

Will you be unable to attend VMworld 2009 in San Francisco?


Starting July 1st, 2009, you can purchase a VMworld.com Subscription for annual access to all VMworld 2009 Keynotes, Sessions and Labs offered through our virtual conference on VMworld.com. Experience all presentations and demos online from the VMworld conference by purchasing your own VMworld.com Subscription.


You will also gain exclusive access, benefits, and promos for the year-round VMworld.com online conference.  Additionally, with a pre-purchase, you will receive access to VMworld 2008 and VMworld Europe 2009 content for the remainder of the current annual subscription.


Don't miss out on the premier virtualization event of the year, subscribe today!


For more information please visit http://vmworld.com/community/subscription/.

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This new VMworld.com Community Team Blog provides announcements, updates and features for the VMworld.com site and user community.  Be sure to grab an RSS feed for this blog to keep up with the latest posts.


Everyone who has a registered VMworld account can create their own personal blog from the settings in their profile.  Or you can select "Blog Post" under the "New" menu, as long as you are signed into your account on VMworld.com.


If you wish to add your personal blog to VMworld.com Blog listings or share and promote your personal blog, please submit a blog request.  You can also request to create a group blog under any of the Virtualization Discussion areas.  Or you can request to have an industry or vendor blog added to the VMworld.com Blog listings.


Submit a Blog Request



The VMworld.com Community Team

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Create Your Own Personal Blog

To create a personal blog on VMworld.com, sign into your account, click on "Manage Account" in the top right corner of any page, click on the "Blog Posts" tab and then click on "Create a Personal Blog" or "Write a Blog Post" from within your account profile.

Note: All blogs will be monitored and reviewed for content. Any blogs not related to virtualization or considered to be spam or offensive will be removed.



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