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Don't Miss VMworld Spotlight Sessions

Posted by clotspeich on Aug 14, 2012 1:40:18 PM
Spotlight Sessions provide an opportunity to hear about VMware and partners solutions and technologies.

VMware Spotlight Sessions take place on Monday, August 27 in the LAM Research Theater.

SS1022 – From Ideas to Reality - A Closer Look Inside VMware Innovation
10:30am – 11:30am
Numerous companies talk about how innovative they are, but what is really happening behind the scenes to ensure they continue to introduce new and disruptive technologies to their customers and partners?  Join Julia Austin, VP of Innovation at VMware, and some of VMware's top engineers to learn more about the innovation programs and practices in place at VMware that bring revolutionary ideas to the market. You will hear about the history of some of VMware's top features and products, early-stage technology ideas incubating inside of the company, as well as VMware's Open Innovation Challenge.

SS1021 – Solutions for Automating IT in the Small-to-Midsize Business
1:00pm – 2:00pm
One of the biggest differences in IT between Small-to-Midsize Businesses (SMB) and Large Enterprises, is simply the amount of IT resources available.  VMware is committed to bringing quality innovation to the SMB market, to provide the enterprise-class solutions it is known for, in a format that works well for smaller IT shops.  This session will cover current and future solutions for helping manage and automate IT functions, setting up Disaster Recovery solutions, and ensuring business continuity.

SS1020 – Managing the Realities of a Multi-Platform, Multi-Cloud World
2:30pm – 3:30pm
One of the core attractions of cloud computing is flexibility and choice. With more options than ever for sourcing infrastructure services or hosting applications, the role of IT is evolving to become a broker of services. Customers are looking for cloud operations solutions that leverage existing investments in their heterogeneous datacenter while enjoying the benefits of public cloud services. This session will provide an overview of VMware's simplified approach to cloud operations, and how it enables policy-based, automated provisioning and management of services across VMware-, Amazon- and Microsoft-based clouds. Come hear how VMware can help transform chaos into a cohesive, integrated environment across clouds.

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