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Hands-on Labs Updates for VMworld 2012

Posted by clotspeich on Jul 18, 2012 9:24:01 AM

The VMworld 2012 Hands-on Labs team has been working feverishly to prepare great content for this year's conference. There is some exciting news to share including an expanded lab catalog, a modular content approach and new ways to take labs.

The lab catalog has grown this year to include topics across the entire cloud spectrum. You will interact with the latest versions of VMware's software solutions in cloud Infrastructure, operations, end-user computing and applications. From vSphere and vCloud Director to vFabric; from View and vCOps to Socialcast and Zimbra; you will have the chance to experience VMware products that are new to you and see them in action, solving real-world problems.

Have you found it challenging, in the past, to carve out an hour and a half from your busy VMworld schedule to take a lab? This year we are making two important changes that will make it easier to fit the Hands-on Labs into your schedule. First, each lab topic can be completed in 60 minutes or less. While we are retaining the successful scenario-based approach from last year, the content is more succinct and will allow you to learn the key takeaways in less time.

We are also excited to introduce the concept of Lightning Labs at VMworld 2012. Some lab topics will be broken into smaller 15 or 30 minute modules to make the Hands-on Labs fit better into your schedule. If you only have 15 minutes before lunch, you can drop in, take a Lightning Lab and get a complete story in a bite-sized format. You can come back later and complete the other modules in the same lab topic or move on to other topics as you see fit. It is our hope that Lightning Labs will make the entire Hands-on Labs content catalog more flexible and accessible to all VMworld 2012 attendees.

For the first time, at VMworld 2012, you can bring your own device (BYOD) to the Hands-on Labs. The BYOD delivery model will demonstrate a new way to access and complete Hands-on Lab content on your own tablet or laptop. A separate area will be provided where you will connect to wireless, login to the portal and take labs from your own device. Please be sure to bring your gear with you so that you can try out the new site.

We hope that you will join us this year at the VMworld 2012 Hands-on Labs. There is new content to be discovered and easier ways to get at it.

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