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After a great experience running live TV shows from the VMworld Community Lounge, we will open up the VMware Community TV to our friends in Copenhagen as well.


I have just set up the schedule page at


Every day of the show, we will be broadcasting from 10:30 to 16:00 on a live streaming channel at


Just like in Vegas, we will have a video streaming station set up which you can book and use to broadcast your session live on VMware Community TV.


If you are interested in doing a live podcast using our setup, you can book a slot, and use it to interview guests, offer some commentary, or a live technology demonstration.


If you would like to use our audio and video equipment to record your content for offline use, you can book that as well outside of VMware Community TV hours, on a first-come, first-served availability basis.


When requesting a slot in our streaming station, please let us know what topics you plan to cover and whether you will have any guests during your show. Since we are at VMworld, the topics should be related -- cloud, virtualization, VMUGs, vExpert talks, or other VMware-related areas.


Each segments should be 20-30 minutes long and start on the half-hour. The podcasting station is self-serve, but we will have some technical assistance available.


If the schedule becomes oversubscribed, John and I will give Community content first priority in scheduling, but exhbitiors with community-oriented topics are also encouraged to book a slot.


We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but can't guarantee that we can give you the time slot you want. To help us with that, please submit several time slot suggestions or ranges to pick from.


Approximate broadcast times: Monday-Thurs 10:30-2:30.


> Current VMworld 2011 Copenhagen VMware Community TV schedule

> Submit a proposal for VMware Community TV slot


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