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The VMworld 2011 Demo Cloud

Posted by VMworld Team on Aug 28, 2011 6:04:22 PM

This year we wanted to make things even more exciting by hosting our Product and Solution Demos on our internal VMware cloud – VSEL.


Why a Demo Cloud?
The Key benefits for moving our demos to the cloud:
Scalable, repeatable demos allowing our world wide employees to leverage the Demos created for VMworld – (Demos are published in our Internal Catalog)
Lower our production costs by not having to ship servers around the world (Shipping a fully loaded kit to Copenhagen can cost up $35K)
Fun thing to do using our latest products!

About the Architecture
The VMworld Booth Demos are running from our internal clouds using embedded ESXi, vCloud Director 1.5, View 5.0 and vShield Edge to name a few products.


Some stats on our Demo Cloud
120 UCS Blades running 4 core processors each
½ Petabyte VNX Storage (thanks EMC)
520 Virtual Machines
10G backend

How the Products work together….

VMware View - Provides a working desktop for users. This is the entrance to vSEL environment and can be accessed from both the Corporate Network and Internet, using PCoIP protocol.

VMware Cloud Director 1.5 Provides the lab environment for individual users to log into their own regional private cloud peer communities and work with vPods, which are vApps that leverage embedded virtualization environment consisting of vCenter, ESXi, and datacenter services needed to run an infrastructure.

Embedded Virtualization - ESXi is run within a virtual machine, resulting in multiple virtual ESX Servers (vESX) running on a single physical ESXi Server (pESX). "Virtual Virtual Machines" (vVMS) are run within these vESX Servers.

vApp within vCD combined with embedded virtualization results in a completely self contained working unit known as the "vPod". In other words, a vPod is simply a vApp that uses embedded virtualization, vESX servers and vVMs, to create a single working "virtual virtual data center" that can be mapped to a single user.


Want to learn more?

1. Visit us at the VMware Booth: Come and see the VSEL infrastructure hard at work.
2. Attend Ford Donald’s Session: Virtual SE Lab (vSEL) Building the VMware Hybrid Cloud CIM 1436 (twitter  #cim1436) to learn all about the architecture powering the VMworld Demos and enabling VMware SEs. Great reason to wake up at 8:00 AM

Special Thanks to all the people that have made this project come to life !

~ Pablo Roesch
Group Manager Cloud Infrastructure Technical Marketing


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