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Notes From Q and A Session with Paul Maritz

Posted by todd_muirhead on Sep 16, 2008 6:08:45 PM

These are my notes from the VMWworld 2008 session KNVMWare earlier today that featured Paul Maritz the CEO of VMware. Stephen Herrod and another gentleman from VMware were also on hand to assist with questions.


This are my notes and all questions and answers have been paraphrased. I believe that I got the general intent and thought that those unable to attend might like the quick summary read. (I missed the first couple of questions). Hopefully they will post the audio of this session at some point.



Does he see open source as threat?

PM - Debate internally about whether to OpenSource ESX or not. See need to stay ahead of open source with innovation



Intel FLexmigration - Backward compatible?

SH - No



Will new technologies impact datacenter operations? How do I plan for the new stuff?

PM - Preview available in lab. Working with partners to build platform, chart roadmap



Are you working with AMD on any technologies?

SH - Yes - nested tables, and similar AMD version of flexmigration



Thumb drive for clients - Can it be encrypted / secured?

PM - Intent is to secure local data on thumb drive or local HD and it will be encrypted



vCloud initiative?

OtherGuy - SRM will be extended to work with VCloud federation



How is VDC-OS an OS?

PM - It abstracts away many datacenter details, similar to how OS does for hardware and software. It will have APIs, etc, and be similar to traditional OS, but isn't an OS. Hypervisor is a specific capability within the VDC-OS



Can you delineate the specifics of the Cisco partnership?

PM - Tune into Cisco keynote for details




PM -Desktop opportunity is at least as big as VMware is today. Next 12 to 24 months



Multiple Datacenters - How to run VMware across them?

SH - working with partners to overcome limitations of VMotion



SMB, Educational Discounts Products?

PM - There is a program in place, no specific timeline for additional enhancements to existing program



Extension of VMware on MAC platform in future - ACE, Fusion?

PM - Details in ACE, Fusion sessions



Diversification of Hypervisor support? Esp with liability in terms of worm or security failure?

PM - Not today, but we are looking at it and are open to doing it. Issue a few weeks ago was "amateur hour" and it will not happen again



Mid-market opportunity for VMware?

PM - Any org that has a collection of 5 servers has the opp to use VMware with new vCloud. Smaller than that we have other products



In order to use VMware across entire datacenter - need time drift to be fixed?

SH - Challenges with some versions of linux. Move to paravirtualizaiton will alleviate this to great extent



Interested in customer feedback - Advisory council recommends federated Virtual Center for multiple datacenters? When? Need it now

PM - How to scale management across federated datacenters is difficult. 2009 for some, 2010 for more



Virtual Center client for MAC / LInux?

PM - I would love to release one. Need to make a platform independent client



Performance of I/O virtualization? How do you see this area progressing? Working with partners?

SH - Working with partners on accelerators - VMdirect Path, NetQueue - Breakouts on



Protection of data in the cloud?

PM - In general notions of Quality of Service will have to be better defined and included as part of the cloud. We have to evolve to get there - not there today.








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