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Jack PC from Chip PC was cool

Posted by Scott Hanson on Sep 19, 2008 9:24:43 AM


One of the neatest things I saw at the VMworld 2008 conference was the Jack PC from Chip PC.  I've been around for long enough to remember all the hype about thin clients, and the promise that everything would live in the cloud.



Todd is intimately familiar with it, and he'll be more than happy to share his experiences in the early days with the failed NetworkStations



I think this time around all the infrastructure is in place.  10-12 years ago we didn't have the network, nor great technology that exists from VMware and other companies.  I think there is a much better chance that VDI, ThinComputing, whatever you want to call it, will take hold.



Great idea to have the Jack PC live in the wall and be powered over ethernet.  That wouldn't have been possible 10 years ago.  They are supposed to be sending one of their thin clients to all the lab attendees, hopefully it will arrive soon.  I've got the spot in the kitchen that will work perfect !






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