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Wednesday Sessions

Posted by Jeremy Bowman Sep 1, 2011

So, with yesterday being about Operations, today was about 'Cloud' as well. Sessions for today were:


  • Private Cloud Architecture Deep Dive
  • Metering and Billing with Chargeback
  • VCDX Panel Defence Preparation
  • Understanding stretched clusters (EMC sponsored)
  • Making vCenter Hightly Available
  • 10 Best Free Tools for vSphere in 2011


And, of course, Wednesday night is the VMworld party! More on that later.....


The first two sessions were all about vCloud building and operating. Several good pointers and some validation of architecture principles, but also definately some scary pointers we will need to investigate further when back in the office.


The VCDX session was very interesting, as this certification is something I will be preparing for in the next 6 months. Attending the session was the programme manager for VCDX, along with several other early VCDX-certified guys including 6 in the first 50 - including #1 and #2! The session involved some role play with the audience and some excellent pointers I will certainly take away to include in my defence session. After the morning, I went to the Solutions Exchange - swear I heard the Killers doing a sound check next door.....?


The afternoon was the Operations part of the day - stretched clusters were presented as an alternative to DR, with the EMC spin / perspective. Interesting stuff! Making vCenter Hightly available was basically the run through of options for vCenter HA, including backup, using vSphere HA, cold standby and vCenter Heartbeat. The recommendation was Heartbeat, as it integrates with other products too (not a surprise as the presenter was a VMware employee), but still interesting to see a comparison between the different options. The tools session (very well attended) was run by David Davis of TrainSignal fame and Kendrick Coleman - good presenters and adding hunour to a very useful session. As before, notes and recommendations to follow.


Another thing experienced today was the VMware Meals at Conference. If you can imagine catering for 20,000 people all eating at once - I've not seen anything like it! Probably looked a bit weird but I took photos.....


Then came the Party! Met up with some new friends for a few beers an important work-related meeting beforehand, then headed into the conference area. Warm-up band were great fun and good, but the Killers were awsome! Rocking the joint. They played for an hour, then everyone went upstairs and outside to the Palazzo / Venetian pools for the pool party. 60 bars and food set around the various pools, but nobody except the mermaid (yes - there was a girl in a bikini with a mermaid tail, this is Las Vegas) was allowed in the pool. Of course, it being 100 degrees or so at 9pm and beer / wine flowing meant people did end up in the pool. Some were kicked out(?!?!?) but most were allowed to stay. Really good party though, and not a dollar spent!


T-shirt count for today: 3 + 1 duplicate, plus a bought shirt from the VMware Company Store. (I even met a guy called DJ who met me in the bar later for a swap!)

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Monday Sessions

Posted by Jeremy Bowman Aug 29, 2011

So, today was first day of sessions at VMworld 2011. My session profile looked like this:


  • New-V Session
  • Automated Infrastructure and Operations Management with VMware vCenter Operations
  • IT as a Service: Leveraging Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds in Higher Education
  • The VMware ESXi Quiz Show
  • Best Practices for Deploying VMware vSphere 5.0 Ising 10gb Ethernet


New-V Session

Really good introduction session for new VMworld delegates. Provided overview of conference, including mechanics of logistics, what not to miss, partner track details, general and super sessions, and the Hang Space. In my opinion - an essential session for people on their first visit to VMworld.


vCenter Operations

This was the session that got me really interested. When I hear about things that I immediately start thinking about when and how we can deploy it into our infrastructures - I know the session is going to be worthwhile. The session was broken down into 2 parts - a series of questions about the challenges of operational support and workflows, then the associated traditional answers. Then there was an overview of the Operations suite, with shallow dives into the dashboards, analytics and workflows - including integration with Orchestrator. Afterwards, I asked questions of the presenters, including overheads of the additional requirements (there are none) and architecture best practice (apparently in Communities). This is definately something I will be investigating when I get back to the office.


IT as a Service in HE

Interesting presentation about someone who has already done the journey to the cloud with associated hurdles. Interesting views of the progressive workflows that were designed into the systems, and how the IT services were 'charged back' to internal customers. A very interesting 'been there, done that - but some way to go' story.


VMware ESXi Quiz Show

A veritable who'se who of the VMware world appearing in a really funny quiz show, presided over by John Troyer. Prizes included a wooden toilet! Very entertaining session, with some good information tipbits about vSphere 5.0!


vSphere 10gb Best Practices

A technical session with details about deploying 10gb in vSphere environments. The session went into how to best leverage 10gb connectors for particular architectures (i.e. top of rack vs. end or row), how to use QoS, switch configurations to balance iSCSI / FCoE trafic and port group failover. More a session for networking people (70%) than virtualization people (30%).


Looking forward to the welcome sessions in the Solutions Exchange tonight.

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