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Here I plan to keep track of any gambling I do whilst in Las Vegas, and thoughts I have about it.....


Today is: Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Win / Loss: Zero, -$10 (spent $10 lost $10), -$11.75 (spent $5 lost $1.75), -$7.75 (spent $20 won $24), -$3.75 (spent $10 won $14)

Games Played: Slots, Electronic Blackjack

Time Spent: 45 mins

Free Beers Drunk: 3


How am I feeling about gambling in the casinos? 3/10 2/10 3/10 5/10


The promise of winning something or beating the dealer at a simple hand of blackjack is very enticing, but walking around the tables and seeing people throwing down $25 chips in stacks of 5 at a time gives me the deep shivers. You either have to come here and simply not care about the money you win or lose, or you must have a large amount of disposable income. I also think that the whole process of approaching a table and getting chips a little daunting - I'm sure it's fine once you are at the table but I don't relish the thought of just walking up in case there is some ettiquette to this that I'm missing - after all, who wants to look like an idiot?


I decided to play slots simply because I found some that were a dime per spin (10 cents), so getting at least the potential to spend a bit of time actually playing. As I mentioned before, at one of the tables - that same $10 could of gone in 10 seconds flat! (I realise that it could have become $20 in the same 10 seconds, but I'm naturally risk adverse - ask anyone I work with!)


Update Monday: Say someone gambling with $10k chips last night. Lost a ton of money! Makes me want to gamble even less.....!


Update Tuesday: Got bored of waiting for a friend, so I played slots with a $5 on a 1 cent game. Was happy to check out with a credit voucher from the machine for $3.25! Not a total loss......


Update Wednesday: Played electronic blackjack and cashed out once I was up $4 on a $1 per hand game. That'll do me - a win is a win and a free beer (normally $7 when not gambling) was consumed. Including the beer, I was really up $11, but I don't count that.....


Update Thursday: Tried the wheeze with the electronic blackjack at the bar again. Put in a $20, get a free beer, the check out and walk away after about 6 hands when up $4! Essentially, another $11 won, but counting the $4 has left me down only $3.75 for the week. Not bad.... Early flight in the morning so this is all my gambling for this trip!

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