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Bob De May's Blog

May 2011

The Obama administration wants to see 150,000 federal employees teleworking by the end of 2011.  Additionally, a telework solution helps companies implement Green IT solutions and move closer to goals of improving the environment.


Are you ready? Have you factored in all of the technical requirements?  We have gathered a group of experts who specialize in storage, network and virtualization technologies.  These experts will be here to answer your technical questions and provide the information needed to initiate a successful VDI/Telework Solution.


If you would like to learn more, vote for the following sessions: 2211 Are you Ready for the Government’s Telework Mandate,  and 2213 Go Green by Implementing a Telework VDI Solution

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Robert DeMay

Member since: Sep 10, 2007

This is a blog about the challenges Project Performance Corporation experienced with engineering a Telework solution for 3,000 plus users.

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