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Using SRM with the HP VSA - the HP VSA was formerly Lefthand's VSA and overall technology.  It's a very impressive little product that runs the same code as the tried and true P4000 hardware series.  It's easy to use and performs very well.



"HOL-PRT-03 - Implement VMware Site Recovery Manager using the HP Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) This lab will demonstrate how an HP Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) can be utilized as a supported storage device with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) without having to use a physical SAN. You will set up two separate vCenter Server environments with hosts, deploy a VSA to each environment and configure them to use local host storage that will be presented as iSCSI shared storage for use with SRM. You will then schedule remote copies between sites to replicate the data from one site to another. Finally, you will use SRM to configure protection groups, inventory mappings, SRA’s and recovery plans."



Who doesn't like learning tips and tricks from the VM masters?  I'm reposting another blog that I follow - this should be really great info and fun stuff.  It's all the mostly unsupported tips n tricks:



(kudos to Duncan for sharing:

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