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The Mobile-Cloud era has arrived—and it’s all about software. Software that empowers you to break down walls, demolish barriers, and reveal the virtually boundless opportunities ahead. Software that’s already making IT more capable, more accessible, more reliable—and delivering real results.

The time to break through is now. At VMworld 2014, you’ll learn how. Explore our complete portfolio of tools and technologies for automating virtualized data centers and extending them to the cloud. Discover how you can deliver apps efficiently and provide secure virtual workspaces. Gain insights from organizations like yours and a vibrant ecosystem of partners and industry experts on how you can redefine IT with software.

The opportunities are within reach. Together, we can break through
to make them real. Endless possibilities. No limits.

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With over 500 unique sessions to choose from, and countless Hands on Labs, Workshops, Group Discussions, and booth demonstrations, there’s no limit to the combination of learning opportunities available to you at VMworld 2014. [Learn More...]

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Reach the VMworld audience: the on-the-front-lines business and technology professionals who are making the decisions that will progress and transform technology systems and processes of the future. [Learn More...]


If you are interested in sponsoring VMworld 2014, please contact:


Larry Ecklund (Companies A - L)
Event Sales Manager
Nth Degree Events


Bethany Porrazzo (Companies M - Z)
Senior Event Sales Manager
Nth Degree Events

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Meet with like-minded colleagues and share information about challenges and opportunities; talk to technology partners, find guidance in discussion groups, and enjoy time with professionals in your field. [Learn More...]


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