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VMworld 2016 US




The 2016 Content Catalog will go live on June 21. It will allow prospective VMworld attendees access to the VMworld agenda, with the ability to peruse breakouts and note sessions of interest. You can search and filter to your heart’s content—by track, category, session format, industry, role, technical level, speaker name, location (US or Europe), and keyword search. You cannot schedule sessions in the catalog.

The Schedule Builder is a scheduling tool for registered attendees. Attendees can sign up for Breakouts, Group Discussions, Expert appointments, Quick Talks, Hands-on Lab workshops, and more with this tool. Most attendees use the Schedule Builder to build their comprehensive personal schedule for the week (you can book personal meetings too). The Schedule Builder launches for the US on July 19, 2016 and for Europe on August 23, 2016. Prior to signing up for sessions, we recommend that you review the Content Catalog, make notes, and prepare your selections ahead of time. Sessions do fill up quickly once the Schedule Builder launches, so take advantage of the early access to the Content Catalog as much as possible in preparation.

Below is a quick overview of the various session formats at VMworld 2016 – all schedulable using the Schedule Builder.

Breakout Sessions
The majority of the VMworld agenda is made up of content-rich breakout sessions. These one-hour presentations are given by 1-2 experts from VMware, a VMware partner, or a VMware customer. While many of these sessions are PowerPoint based, presenters often augment their presentations with videos or live demonstrations. Most breakouts are recorded and made available to attendees after the event.

Panel Discussions
Panel Discussions are also one-hour sessions. A typical panel discussion has 3-4 panelists and a moderator. The panelists will talk about the same product or topic, but from the perspective of different industries, regions, and/or experiences. Each panel discussion will wrap with a thoughtful Q&A where attendees can seek further insights from the panelists and moderator.

Group Discussions
In addition to traditional Breakout Sessions, check out the Group Discussions led by VMware Knowledge Experts. These informative and interactive roundtable discussions are a great opportunity for you to gain insight from like-minded colleagues in similar industries and from the VMware expert moderators.

Quick Talks
Quick Talks are abridged breakout sessions focused primarily on non-technical topics. More consumable, the Quick Talk will take the traditional business topic and whittle it down to essential messages, information and clarity in a targeted half-hour timeslot. These presentations can be scheduled in tandem with Group Discussions and/or Meet the Experts appointments.

Knowledge Experts at VMworld (Meet the Experts Appointments)
Connect directly with subject-matter authorities through our Knowledge Experts program. These members of the VMware community will conduct and participate in breakout sessions and group discussions. They are also available for more casual, one-to-few discussions in the Meet the Experts Lounge. New this year, you’ll be able to schedule a 60-minute appointment with a knowledge expert using the Schedule Builder tool in advance of the event.

In addition to the tracks and categories, we’ve also used several tags in the catalog to help you find the most relevant content for you. These tags include:

Market Segment (Industry)
Whether it’s healthcare, financial services, federal, or higher education—or you’re simply a small-to-medium business (SMB) with unique requirements—we’ve got you covered. Use the industry tag to find content targeted to these specific industries and areas.

Product and Topic
Can’t find what you’re looking for in the track and category listing? No problem. New last year, you can search on additional products and topics such as Virtual SAN, NSX, vCenter Log Insight, or Pivotal CF, to name just a few. As always, you can also do a keyword search.

Audience (Role)
VMworld offers a little something for everyone, whether you’re an Application Architect, Director of IT, or Executive Manager. This tag helps you find role-specific content. Sessions without any role-specific tags are appropriate for all audiences.

Technical Level
The VMworld business sessions cover business benefits and real-world examples and are suitable for any audience interested in how to best use technology within their organizations. Technical sessions cover technical aspects and best practices, targeting anyone with a technical background (though not necessarily previous knowledge about the specific topic). Advanced technical sessions will dive deeper into the technology and assume that the audience members have previous knowledge and experience with the topic at hand.

Be sure to add the #VMworld hashtag to all your tweets and share your favorite sessions with the VMworld community. To share and search session and lab conversations, please add a hashtag before any session ID#, for example: #NET1234