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BC1693Architecting DR Solutions with VMware Site Recovery Manager
BC2022Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino Hits the Jackpot with DR Virtualization
BC2214VMware High Availability: Advanced Troubleshooting
BC2215Top Tips for VMware Consolidated Backup (with video)
BC2240Implementing Data Protection for Applications and Data in VMware Deployments
BC2321Disaster Recovery Using VMware Site Recovery Manager and NetApp SnapManager for VI
BC2370Enterprise-class HA and DR Management for VMware ESX Environments
BC2411Fulfilling Regulatory Requirements in the Healthcare Industry Using VMware VI
BC2477Real World Best Practices for Site Recovery Manager
BC2496Implementing Scalable VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) for the Mid-Size Enterprise
BC2497VMware Consolidated Backup: Report from the Trenches
BC2512Planning and Implementing Simple, Affordable, Automated Disaster Recovery Through Dell
BC2533Leveraging VMware Infrastructure to implement High Availability and Disaster Recovery
BC2536Enterprise Storage Replication Technologies Applied to VMware
BC2543Designing and Implementing a Business Continuity Architecture
BC2621Fault Tolerant VMs in VMware Infrastructure: Operation and Best Practices
BC2643VMware High Availability: Design, Enhancements, and Futures
BC2670Advanced Data Protection with NetBackup for VMware, an Award Winning Combination.
BC2726Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling IT Resources with VMware
BC2782The Virtual Business Continuity Site
BC2824Deploying Microsoft Clustering for Exchange and SQL Server in VI3
BC3096SRM In Concert with Storage Replication - Protecting Your Mission Critical Apps
BC3119Better Solutions for DR & Virtualization: Overcoming Planned and Unplanned System Downtime
BC3141Understanding Options for Virtualized Disaster Recovery
BC3221CA and VMware: A Case Study Examining an Exchange and SharePoint DR and HA Solution
BC3805HA and DR Tripling VI3 in 6 Months at Bank Zachodni WBK (Polish Division of AIB)!
BC3816Leveraging Encryption within a Virtual Environment - Enhance SOX and HIPAA Compliance
BC3817How to Protect Your IT Infrastructure at a Second Site With VMware and Replication
BC3818How Virtualization will Revolutionize the Backup and Recovery Process
BC3819Re-architecting Data Protection with Data Deduplication and Virtualization Technologies
BC3820Architecting Your VMware Disaster Recovery Solution
BC3829Land America Beats the Street with NetApp
BC4260Site Recovery Manager: Lessons Learned in the First 90 Days


EA1562Virtualizing SAP - An In Depth Look On How The City of San Diego Utilizes VMware ESX
EA2244Virtualizing SQL Server Using VMware Infrastructure
EA2247SAP Performance Best Practices
EA2263Deploying Exchange 2007 on VMware Infrastructure 3
EA2270Running Real-Time Application on VMware Infrastructure
EA2347Citrix Presentation Server Virtualization in VI3 - Best Practices
EA2348Best Practices for Virtualizing IBM Lotus Domino with VI3
EA2363Virtualizing the ITIL Enterprise with BMC Software
EA2372Virtualizing Big Applications" - Performance Considerations"
EA2380Web-tier Consolidation Using VMware Infrastructure
EA2455Software Licensing Exposed: The State of Licensing for Virtual Environments
EA2467Virtualization in the Healthcare Industry
EA2538Using IBM WebSphere Family Products with VMware
EA2672VMware is the Best Platform for Java Workloads
EA2684Business Critical Apps on VMware: Why Customers Are Upgrading to a More Dynamic Platform
EA3022Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Mailbox Roles on VMware Infrastructure 3
EA3124Achieving 80% Virtualization in Production (with SQL & Exchange)
EA3127Exchange 2007 on VMware: Two Real-World Success Stories
EA3220SAP Virtualizes Enterprise Wide BI Center of Excellence - Dev, Test and Production
EA3344Map, Size and Assure Service Levels of Multi-tiered Applications on VI with B-hive Conductor
EA3804Infrastructure Virtualization at SAP Hosting
EA3810The Future of Linux is Software Appliances
EA4460Support for Microsoft Applications - Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program & VMware


PO1321Real Stories of Green IT: Solving the Data Center Power Crisis
PO1323Best Practices for Virtualizing Active Directory (with video)
PO1427Managing in a Virtualized Environment and the Significance of Business Service Management
PO1461Virtual Infrastructure Service Strategy and Design
PO1520Managing VMware ESXi in the Datacenter
PO1644VMware Update Manager Performance, Best Practices
PO1694Datacenter Migrations Using VMware Site Recovery Manager
PO1781What's Green, 24/7 and Just Plain Cool
PO1800Leveraging VMware Infrastructure 3 To Do More with Less: Moving a Datacenter
PO1807Upgrading to VMware ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5
PO1860How to Implement Cost Visibility and Chargeback Using the Resource Consumption Model
PO1861VMTN Community Experts
PO1882Advanced Log Analysis for VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5
PO1944Architecting and Managing your Storage Effectively with Virtual Infrastructure
PO2061VMware VirtualCenter 2.5 Database Best Practices
PO2160Strategic Virtualization for a Large European Telecom Provider - A Connected Approach
PO2184Five Years of Virtualization with VMware: Qualcomm's Story
PO2218Everyday Usage of the RCLI
PO2325Successfully Architecting and Operationalizing VI
PO2338Leveraging Endpoint Virtualization for a More Secure, Flexible Computing Environment
PO2357Kick Start Green Computing Initiatives with Server Virtualization
PO2412Securing VMware Infrastructure: Lockdown and Operations
PO2423Virtualization Solution for Rapid Deployment in the SAP Center of Excellence
PO2430VMware Virtual Infrastructure Troubleshooting Faults
PO2487Project Bonfire -- Igniting Change
PO2514Managing Power and Cooling with Virtualization
PO2535Operational Readiness . Truth and Fiction
PO2569Deploying VMware in a Microsoft Shop
PO2570Advanced Capacity Planning: Balance Risk with Results for Optimal VM Layouts
PO2575Deploying VMware in a Linux Shop
PO2596The Datacenter of the Future -- It's Already Here!
PO2647Architecting Remote and Branch Offices for HA and DR
PO2650How BAAQMD Used VMware to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions & Saved Taxpayers Money
PO2658Getting the Most Out of VMware Infrastructure and Enterprise Systems Management
PO2708Advanced Performance Tuning for VMware Infrastructure 3
PO2737The Future of Virtual Infrastructure Storage Management
PO2739Helping the Bottom Line - One Company's Virtualization Initiative Makes a Major Impact
PO2769Virtualizing the Enterprise: USMC Case Study
PO2773Practical Securing Solutions for a Virtual Infrastructure
PO2780Determining the True Cost of Ownership for a VMware Infrastructure
PO2841Virtualization - The Big Picture
PO3008Timekeeping and Time-Sensitive Applications in VMware Virtual Machines: Best Practices
PO3009End-to-End Infrastructure Management - Integration Points from CA and VMware
PO3019From 0 to 1000+ Virtual Machines: How Do You Do it, What Does It Take?
PO3078Optimizing the Network and Management Architecture for Virtual Environments
PO3260Linux Virtual Machines: Templates, P2V and Other Tips and Tricks
PO3280Creating Agile Data Centers: Real World Problems and Real World Solutions
PO3400New Trends in Remote Office / Branch Office with VMware
PO3421Managing Adaptive Infrastructures: Insight's Methodology for VMware Environments
PO3435Consolidation of Performance Sensitive Application: Virtualizing Electronic Gaming Infrastructure
PO3501Tech Preview: Chargeback Solutions for the Virtual World
PO3580Solving SAN Connectivity and Management Challenges in Virtualized Server Environments
PO3640Cloud Computing . Enablement for the Enterprise
PO3660Calculating Power and Cost Savings Moving From Physical to Virtual Servers
PO3680Beyond Server Consolidation: Managing and Optimizing Your Virtual Data Center
PO3740Achieving Regulatory Compliance in Virtualized Environments
PO3814Server Memory Strategy: Critical Success in VI3 Capacity Planning and Deployment
PO3815Desktop to Data Center: Unifying Virtualization and Management Across the Data Center
PO3824Storage Solutions for VMware Enterprise Consolidation
PO3827Analyzing and Optimizing your Infrastructure with HP Insight Software
PO3830IBM Service Management: Aligning IT with Your Company.s Business Objectives
PO4250Controlling Sprawl, Enforcing Compliance and Managing Performance thru Automation
PO4553Cloud Computing - The New Generation of IT


TA1401Understanding Host and Guest Memory Usage and Other Memory Management Concepts
TA1402Introduction to Storage VMotion
TA1405VMotion Technical Deep Dive (with video)
TA1440ESXtop for Advanced Users
TA1465A Blueprint for VMware Infrastructure Integration with Storage Hardware
TA1684Best Practices, Complementary Technologies & the Future of Storage Virtualization
TA1810Global IT decentralization delivers IT Capacity on demand with VMware
TA1840How VMware, Inc. Provides the Most Managable Infrastructure
TA1948Reverse and Replay-Based Debugging
TA1983Measuring Virtualization Platforms Using VMmark
TA2080Using Virtualization to Speed SOA Adoption
TA2125Understanding Storage Virtual Appliances with VMware Virtualization
TA2197Distributed Power Management: Technical Deep Dive
TA2213VMware Infrastructure 3 Storage: iSCSI Implementation and Best Practices
TA2252Passthrough of SR-IOV Storage Adapters
TA2275Tech Preview: VMware Infrastructure Virtual Networking
TA2280Tech Preview: Virtual Switching Extensibility with VMware Infrastructure
TA2375Intepreting Performance Statistics in VI3
TA2377Performance Roundtable hosted by the Chief Performance Architect
TA2379Platform Hardware Trends for Virtualization
TA2421DRS Technical Overview and Best Practices
TA2441VMware Infrastructure 3.5 - Networking Concepts and Best Practices (with video)
TA2469Platform Power Management Opportunities for Virtualization
TA2498VMware Infrastructure Plugins
TA2500Distributed Virtual Build Computing
TA2501NPIV: Technology Breakthrough... or Terminal Band Aid?
TA2550ESX Server Best Practices for Performance (with video)
TA2554VI Networking: Advanced Configurations and Troubleshooting
TA2561Standards-Based Virtualization Management
TA2600Why is IO Virtualization the Next Big Thing?
TA2604Host-Local High Performance Transport Mechanism Between Virtual Machines
TA2607Meditech Virtualization - HCA.s Story of Virtualizing This Critical Hospital Application Suite
TA2612Guidelines and Best Practices for VI Multi-site Datacenter Architecture
TA2641Turning Apples Into Oranges: Enhanced VMotion Compatibility
TA2644Networking IO Virtualization
TA2659Managing ESX in a COS-less world
TA2668VMware ESX Architectural Directions (with video)
TA2683Virtual Appliances, VServices and VMware Studio : Deep Dive
TA2702Introduction to Processor and Platform Architecture for Virtualization
TA2763Unified Data Center Virtualization with Cisco and VMware
TA2774VMware Infrastructure for a Tiered Webhosting Environment - A Case Study
TA2784Joint VMware and NetApp Best Practices for Running VI3 on IP Based Storage
TA2822The Future Of Data Center Security
TA2823Alleviating Constraints with Resource Pools and Live Migration Using Enhanced VMotion
TA2861Remote Access Computing Environment (RACE): Automation of Sales, Training, Tech Support
TA2920Overview of VMware Product Directions
TA3020CITS Virtual Infrastructure: Leveraging Virtualization for a Consolidated Air Force
TA3089Remote Office Data Protection and De-Duplication for VMware
TA3201Linux Strategy and Roadmap at VMware
TA3620VMware Infrastructure SDK and APIs
TA3720Designing Data Centers with VM-level Granularity
TA3721Optimized Virtual Desktop for Performance, Security, Availability, Scalability and Manageability
TA3780An Introduction to VMsafe - Architecture, Performance, and Solutions
TA3803How VMware Virtualizes its Own IT Environment from the Desktop to the Datacenter
TA3807VirtualCenter Directions
TA3821AMD Quad-Core: Driving New Levels of Efficiency for Virtualization in the Datacenter
TA3831Considerations for the Numerous Infrastructure Choices in Today's Virtual World
TA3920Beyond Virtualization: Self-Evolving Grid Storage Architecture


VD1380The History of VDI at Northwestern Mutual, a Fortune 200 Financial Security Organization
VD1760VDI ROI: Myth or Reality?
VD1952VDI: No Facelift Required. Replicate Your User.s Desktop Environment without Surgery
VD2060Successful Implementation of an ACE 2.x Project: Tips and Tricks
VD2181Best Practices for VDI . From a Business Perspective
VD2182Simplifying Software Management Through Application Virtualization
VD2202VMware Workstation 6.5 Unleashed
VD2203Managing and Securing Enterprise Desktops with VMware ACE 2.5
VD2207Benefits of Image Composer to VDM Deployments
VD2255Advanced VDI Solutions - What's Next?
VD2319Ace(ing) a Merger Using Desktop Virtualization
VD2345Going Deep on Capturing Applications using ThinApp
VD2386VDI in the Healthcare Industry
VD2387Storage for VDI: 1000s of Desktops for the Price of One
VD2422Offline VDI
VD2435Architecture, Approaches and Advances in Remote Display Technology
VD2468VDM Product Directions
VD2505Server and Storage Sizing Best Practices for VMware VDI
VD2521VMware Fusion 2.0: Running Windows is Even Easier on the Mac
VD2566VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Performance and Best Practices
VD2584Good Practices in VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Design
VD2591Lessons Learned While Deploying Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 in a Virtual Datacenter
VD2603Planning and Designing a ThinApp Implementation
VD2646Inside VMware Fusion
VD2685Providing a High Quality VDI Desktop Experience Over The Network
VD2689Real World Benefits of VDI at CIGNA
VD2718Remote Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery using VMWare VDI
VD2741Leveraging Application Virtualization in Pharmaceutical Environments
VD3224Virtual Evolution of the Desktop
VD3226Harmonious Coexistence of Virtual & Physical Desktop: Leveraging Existing CMT to Manage VI
VD3240Virtualized Client Computing: Innovative Technologies Are Driving an Evolution of the Desktop
VD3261VDI versus Terminal Services (with video)
VD3436CBRE & Desktop Virtualization
VD3437Leveraging VMware Capacity Planner for VDI deployments
VD3760Desktop Security and Business Continuance
VD3800Desktop Virtualization: From Strategy to Reality
VD3811Virtualization and Application Delivery: Connecting the Dots
VD3812How to Optimize VMware VDI With Thin Computing
VD3813User Environment Management . The Third Layer of the Virtual Desktop
VD3825IBM's Virtual Infrastructure Access: Desktop Virtualization Trends and Directions
VD3826Rich Media Experience In a VDI Environment: What Do You Need To Make It Happen?

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