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Take advantage of VMworld‘s Spotlight Sessions, which complement other breakout sessions by offering valuable information on a variety of topics. Presented by VMware executives and product experts, these sessions cover products and solutions, a vision on the transformation of IT and technology trends. Available VMware Spotlight Sessions include:


EUC3319-S - End-User Computing Strategy: Advancing Industry Leadership in a Mobile-Cloud Era

The next generation end-user computing environment is being shaped by three primary markets: desktop, mobile and content collaboration. Join VMware as they outline a model defined by comprehensive management of all devices and apps combined with a unified experience for end users. In this session, End-User Computing executives Sumit Dhawan, John Marshall and Kit Colbert will share their vision and strategy for the market, highlighting key investments in the Horizon desktop and AirWatch by VMware mobile portfolio. VMware will also provide in-depth details about strategic integrations that are driving a more unified model for users and for IT. As part of this forward looking session, VMware will share how they are harnessing innovations from the Software-Defined Data Center and Mobile platforms to bring unprecedented value to users and to IT.
[ Tuesday, Aug 26, 11:30AM ]


HBC3284-S - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Public Cloud
Mathew Lodge, VMware
Massimo Re Ferre', VMware

With vCloud Hybrid Service, we see IT teams adopting public cloud as a way to improve how they serve their organizations — but we also encounter fear: fear of failure, change, and competition. It doesn’t have to be this way. In this session we’ll demonstrate concrete, practical actions you can take in adopting public cloud that will give you insight into how you can embrace the public cloud and put your career on a new path to relevance and value to your organization.
[ Monday, Aug 25, 1:00AM ]


MGT3210-S - Management Product Overview and Glimpse into the Future
Suzan Pickett, Columbia Sportswear
Ramin Sayar, VMware

The VMware management product strategy is changing. Our management stack is critical for managing vSphere-based environments in a Software-Defined Data Center. But increasingly, our customers want to use a single converged management stack for physical environments, other hypervisors, multiple clouds, as well as both traditional and new cloud-native application architectures.
[ Monday, Aug 25, 2:30PM ]


NET3305-S - Virtualize your Network with VMware NSX
Martin Casado, VMware

This session is for attendees in the early stages of deploying NSX, planning to explore NSX in the next 12-18 months, and/or working to leverage the NSX platform for advanced L2-L7 services.  Martin and special guests will illustrate the successes of early customer deployments, share lessons learned, demonstrate NSX in action, and discuss how network virtualization and the Software-Defined Data Center address the biggest challenges in network and data center operations.
[ Monday, Aug 25, 3:30PM ]


SDDC1580-S - What You Need to Know About OpenStack + VMware
Ricky Caldwell, Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.
Dan Wendlandt, VMware
Scott Lowe, VMware

OpenStack is increasingly part of discussions about delivering developer friendly APIs for infrastructure consumption. VMware has been working diligently to ensure that the best way to run an OpenStack cloud is on VMware SDDC products. In this session, we will describe how customers can leverage their existing VMware investments and expertise to rapidly deliver a production grade OpenStack cloud without extensive OpenStack expertise. We will share customer testimonials that highlight fast-time-to-value and simplicity of delivering OpenStack on VMware SDDC products. We will also share views from OpenStack Foundation on VMware’s commitment and rapidly increasing contributions across all aspects of the OpenStack community.
[ Monday, Aug 25, 12:30PM ]


SDDC2556-S - Customer Panel: Journey to Software Defined Datacenter
Ricky Caldwell, Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.
Andy Lubel, Exostar, LLC
Suzan Pickett, Columbia Sportswear
Sunyo Suhaimi, VMware

Hear directly from customers on how they are implementing a Software-Defined Data Center to achieve 1) high availability and disaster recovery; 2) virtualized data centers with hybrid cloud extensibility; 3) secure, dynamic networks with compliant IT; 4) optimized infrastructure performance and capacity; and 5) automated infrastructure and application provisioning across hybrid data centers. John Gilmartin (GM and VP, SDDC Suite Business Unit) will moderate a panel that will discuss what problems they are facing, why they chose to start building a Software-Defined Data Center, how they designed their solutions/environment, benefits achieved, lessons learned, best practices, and roadmap. Attend this session to learn how you can benefit from the experience of your peers.
[ Monday, Aug 25, 12:30PM ]


SEC1959-S - The "Goldilocks Zone" for Security
Martin Casado, VMware

Today, security spend is increasing at a rate greater than general IT spend, and the only cost outpacing security spend is security losses. This trend highlights a fundamental architectural issue. Learn how a Software Defined Data Center delivers an innovative approach to solving many long-standing security challenges and is reversing this trend.
[ Tuesday, Aug 26, 11:00AM ]


STO1853-S - Software-Defined Storage: The Transformation of Enterprise Storage Has Begun
Alberto Farronato, VMware
Vijay Ramachandran, VMware

Server virtualization transformed compute freeing up apps from infrastructure and delivering tremendous cost savings and flexibility. Storage hasn't caught up yet, but things are rapidly changing. Software-defined storage is a new architectural and management approach that unlocks the next level of efficiency. In this session we will discuss what software-defined storage is, VMware's vision for it and  how it will addresses today's challenges. In addition we will provide an overview of key technologies in VMware's roadmap for Software-defined storage and showcase partner solutions.
[ Monday, Aug 25, 11:00AM ]

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