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VMworld 2014 Breakout Sessions

Whether it’s your first year at VMworld or your tenth, you will find sessions that meet the skill level you are seeking, led by the experts. With over 500 unique sessions to choose from, and countless Hands on Labs, Workshops, Group Discussions, and booth demonstrations, there’s no limit to the combination of learning opportunities available to you at VMworld 2014.


To begin planning your VMworld schedule, start researching on June 16 when the Content Catalog opens. Plan your schedule by viewing the list of all available sessions and labs. When the Schedule Builder opens on July 14, you can actually pre-register for sessions if you are a registered, Full-Conference attendee. We highly recommend that you choose and pre-register for sessions as soon as possible after the Schedule Builder opens to secure your space. Sessions fill up quickly, so plan ahead to get the most out of VMworld 2014.


Key Dates

June 16, 2014: Content Catalog Live

July 14, 2014: Schedule Builder Live


Content Catalog: The Content Catalog is published on June 16 and is available to the public. It is the comprehensive list of breakouts, labs, and group discussions. Registered attendees and prospective attendees alike use the catalog to see what topics will be on the agenda, who is speaking, and to start noting their “sessions of interest”.

Schedule Builder: The Schedule Builder is published once the sessions are actually scheduled. It is not available to the public and allows registered, Full Conference attendees only to view a complete listing of scheduled sessions, pre-register for sessions, and start building out their personal schedule for the week. Please note, some sessions fill up quickly and we recommend that you pre-register for sessions at your earliest convenience.

New & Improved this Year- “Suggested Paths”: Recommended paths for both beginners and advanced attendees in areas such as Software –Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud, End-User Computing, Networking, Security, Storage, and Management as well as distinct role-based paths for architects. Suggested Paths will launch closer to the date of Content Catalog opening.

Research the agenda early– content is the #1 reason people come to the conference. The average attendee attends 10 breakout sessions at VMworld not to mention labs, workshops, group discussions, and 1:1’s with experts. When the Schedule Builder launches in July – many sessions fill up quickly. While we try our best to repeat popular sessions, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and sign up early.


Topics on the 2014 agenda

Software-Defined Enterprise

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Management
  • Networking and Security
  • Storage and Business Continuity
  • Operational Transformation
  • Virtualizing Applications

Public and Hybrid Cloud

  • Hybrid Cloud Network
  • vCloud Hybrid Service

End-User Computing

  • Desktop and Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Mobile Management
  • Social and Collaboration

Partner Track (For Partners Only)

  • General
  • Technology Exchange for Alliance Partners

VMworld 2014 Hands-on Labs

Hands-on Labs give VMworld attendees special access to the latest VMware technologies without requiring the purchase of equipment, software, or licenses. Attendees have an opportunity to try all the VMware products with a VMware-provided keyboard or their own device, and experiment with a product in the lab for approximately 60 minutes. Product experts are also on hand to provide immediate guidance. After a successful run of the lab, the environment is reset to a fresh state for the next participant.


Lab content will cover topics such as the Software Defined Data Center, Enterprise Mobility and the Hybrid Cloud.


Welcome New Hands-on Labs Users

This year we have targeted specific Hands-on Labs content for users new to VMware products. These lab topics are designated with the terms “101” or “from A to Z” in the title. If you are new to the labs, be sure to start here. Don’t forget that Lightning Lab modules may be as short as 15 minutes and all content is modular. Be sure to find an open spot in your schedule and drop by the labs.


Expert-led Workshops (ELW)

The VMware Hands-on Labs Expert-led Workshops provide intimate access to VMware product experts in an engaging, hands-on instructional environment. This is a great opportunity to interact with the people who built the labs and know our products best. Get your questions answered and discuss solutions in a group setting. To attend an Expert-led Workshop, you must sign up in advance through the VMworld Schedule Builder tool.


Self-paced Labs (SPL)

The VMware Hands-on Labs Self-paced Labs are our popular and familiar service where you can interact with VMware products at your own pace in a Traditional or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setting. These labs are delivered on a first-come, first-served basis and do not need to be scheduled in advance.


Focus Areas – Collaborate and interact with your peers

Jointly take labs with other attendees around specific topics--similar to the “Birds-of-a-Feather” sessions in years past. The goal is to create a casual and collaborative environment to take labs, discuss and whiteboard with your friends and colleagues. These areas are part of the Self-paced Labs room and do not need to be scheduled in advance. Please note that topics of discussion and availability are subject to change.


Flexible seating - Traditional Seating and Bring your own Device

We will have the option of seating you using Traditional seating 24” Monitor / Thin Client or bringing your own laptop (BYOD). Please note that the Apple iPad is the only supported tablet for viewing Lab Manuals at this time.


Multiple Lab Categories

Labs around the Software Defined Data Center, Enterprise Mobility and the latest vCloud Hybrid Cloud Service will make their debut just a few clicks away at VMworld 2014. We have almost 50 Lab Topics with 200+ modules for you to explore.


Expanded Lab Modules

Lab Modules organize Hands-on Labs content into consumable units of 15-60 minutes. This year we are including hours of bonus material to allow VMworld attendees to choose the content that is most compelling. Each lab topic contains one or more modules with one to seven hours of content. Lab sessions are still 90 minutes per sitting, so you will want to identify the modules that you are most interested in before you take the lab. You can always take the same lab a second time if you want to explore all of the modules.


Our Product Experts

We will have almost 300 experts on site to answer any and all questions around our products and solutions. Our passion for delivering Hands-on Labs runs deep and we hope that you take advantage of the opportunity to stop by and take a lab.


Meet some of our Hands-on Labs Experts:


Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight sessions are a valuable way to get the “next level” information after the VMworld keynotes. You will hear from VMware executives on the strategy and future of the Software–Defined Data Center, Cloud Infrastructure, Networking & Security, Software–Defined Storage & Business Continuity, Management, Hybrid Cloud, and End-User Computing. These sessions will not only give you a glimpse of the future, but help you navigate the remainder of the week with recommended sessions, discussions, labs, and more. Be sure and catch a spotlight session or two and get not only our latest roadmaps but get some helpful hints to navigating the largest VMware customer event of the year.


List of Topic Areas for VMworld 2014 Spotlight Sessions (US only):

  • Software–Defined Data Center
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Networking & Security
  • Software–Defined Storage & Business Continuity
  • Management
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • End-User Computing
AUGUST 24-28

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