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Speaking, sponsoring or just want to promote VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen?

Add these badges to your email, blog or website to encourage people to come.




Promotion Badges




Sponsor Badges



Speaker Badges


To add them, just download the image and upload to your  blog. You should link them to


Or, if you want to link directly from these copies, paste something like  this into the code of your page:
<a href=""><img  alt="Register for VMworld 2010"   src=""/></a>

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While at VMworld 2010 (San Francisco), be sure to stop by the Social Media & Blogger Lounge, hosted by the VMware Social Media & Communities Team.  There will be blogger tables, lounge chairs/couches, internet/power connections and a demo pod for VMware Communities and VMware Labs.  Plus, the highlight of the lounge will be VMworld Live!, a live streaming show with video coverage each day of the conference (more details below).
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Foursquare is going to be a big part of VMworld 2010 this year. You will be able to check-in locations all over the place!
First up, what is this Foursquare thing?


From Business insider:
"Foursquare is primarily for letting your friends know where you are and figuring out where they are. Secondarily, it's for collecting points, prize "badges," and eventually, coupons, for going about your everyday business."
Read more:


As you can see, this can be great fun at a conference because you can see where your friends are and get tips about the cool things going on at the show.  Many sponsors are offering special deals and tips for checking into their spaces. Most sponsors have setup their booths in Foursquare and you can quickly learn about them from the list below.


If you find a booth that is not on the list please enter it using the following format.


Name: [Company Name] VMworld Booth #[1232]
Address: 747 Howard Street
Cross street: Booth #[1232]
City, State, Zip: San Francisco, California, 94103
Twitter: [Main VMworld Twitter Account]


Hopefully by keeping this format everyone will be able to find it and check-in.


Please be sure to:
1) add VMworld as a friend to your Foursquare account:

2) add #VMworld to your shout when you check in
3) Add a Tip to places that you check into to share cool info with others!


Some places to check-in:
VMworld 2010
VMware's Booth #701
VMware Blogger Lounge (where the social media team will be)
Cisco Booth #801
Dell Booth #401
EMC Corporation Booth #1001
NetApp Booth #601
Compellent Technologies Booth #1022
CSC Booth #1014
HP Booth #1008
IBM Booth #709
Intel Booth #509
Novell Booth #931
Symantec Corporation Booth #513
VCE Booth #809
Wyse Technology Booth #521
Brocade Booth #1307


Please send me the URL and I will add the "Make sure you add #VMworld to your shout when you check in!" tip from the VMworld Account to encourage the booth check in to appear in the main #VMworld hash stream.  Happy checking in!

Questions, comments and anything else you can reach me at: Twitter: @lkilpatrick

See you at VMworld!
Luke Kilpatrick

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Drop by VMware Labs "Flings Station" at the VMworld Social Media & Blogger Lounge and "Suggest a Fling" to get a FREE  T-shirt.  The lounge will be located in Moscone South lobby, near the bookstore.  Look for the pod showing demos for VMware Labs and VMware Communities.

It is that easy. By the way, you may get to meet some of the authors of those cool Flings. Catch a Fling (demo) or just hang out with VMware Community folks. We hope to see you there!

Follow VMware Labs on Twitter: @vmwarelabs or become a fan on Facebook: VMware Labs

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TA717 Preview - Performance Best Practices for vSphere
Kaushik Banerjee, Sr. Manager R&D at VMware, will present a breakout session about Performance Best Practices for VMware vSphere, including new features in VMware vSphere 4.1.

TA8218 Preview - VMware Storage Vision
Jay Judkowitz, Group Product Manager at VMware, will present a breakout session about the future of storage, what VMware and it's partners are looking to develop in the area.

Both Kaushik and Jay are Knowledge Experts at VMworld 2010.  You can join them at an interactive group discussion with other attendees or schedule a 1-on-1 to discus your personal storage questions.

View more videos for VMworld 2010 on VMworld TV.

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Are you unable to travel to San Francisco or Copenhagen or attend VMworld 2010?  You can still experience VMworld 2010 online and gain all the knowledge and learning by purchasing a VMworld 2010 Subscription.  Content from the San Francisco conference will be posted to the VMworld Sessions & Labs Theater in mid-September.  Most of the content will be repeated in Copenhagen, but we will also post any new keynotes or breakout sessions from Europe by the end of October.

The VMworld 2010 Subscription provides annual online access to the following VMworld 2010 content:

- General Sessions (video and PDF)
- All Super Sessions (video and PDF)
- All Breakout Sessions (flash presentations for all tracks)
- Labs (PDF downloads only)


Access to VMworld 2010 content will be restricted to attendees and subscription owners only.  Paid attendees of VMworld 2010 (San Francisco or Copenhagen) will have full access to online content.  If you are unable to attend the live show in either the U.S. or Europe, please consider this subscription as an alternative opportunity to attend VMworld 2010 sessions and labs online.

To learn more or to purchase your subscription today, please visit
VMworld 2010 Subscription >

The subscription is $699 for individual access and can only be purchased via credit card.  The subscription covers secure access until August 2011.  VMworld 2011 content will require a new subscription.

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Whether you have been waiting to access sessionand labs from 2009 online or you would like to preview sessions from last year before coming to this year's conference -- VMworld 2009 Sessions & Labs are now open to to public.

Visit the VMworld Sessions & Labs Theater and click on VMworld 2009 to view the presentations from last year.  PDF and MP3 file downloads are also provided as links in the right sidebar when viewing each presentation.  Free online sessions and labs are offered (as available) all the way back to VMworld 2004, our first VMworld conference.

You will need to have a VMworld account and sign in to view content in the theater.  Once you sign in, you can scroll down under the presentation area to see 3D
community avatars for all visitors in the theater (you can customize your avatar and walk from the theater to other areas of our Virtual Pavilion).  Below the avatars is a live chat window for you to share live discussions or Q&A with other community members while watching presentations.  You can click on other avatars to view profiles, share member info and network.  While in the theater, find other community members and add them as friends.

Enter the VMworld Sessions & Labs Theater >

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Now in its third year, Spousetivities is a grassroots, community-driven effort to provide activities for conference attendees’ spouses. While the attendees are at VMworld during the day, their spouses are invited to explore and enjoy San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.  Don't miss  this opportunity to join these fantastic bay area adventures.


Visit the Spousetivities registration page to register for a free Spousetivities Welcome Breakfast on August 30.


Highlights of activities:

- Spousetivities Welcome Breakfast

- Monterey/Carmel Tour
- Wine Country Tour

- Photographic Adventure of San Francisco
- "Floating" Sausalito Houseboat Tour and Sausalito Shopping

- Muir Woods and Sausalito Tour
- Private lunches at exclusive spots

Learn more and follow the latest updates from Crystal Lowe (event organizer) by visiting: >
Spousetivities on Twitter >


Register for Spousetivities Events >

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At VMworld 2010, you'll have the opportunity to connect directly with subject-matter experts. Below is a list of Breakout Sessions being offered through the Knowledge Expert Program. 

Knowledge Experts will also be available for One-on-One meetings and more casual discussions as they circulate throughout the conference.  Look for the "Knowledge Expert One-on-One" area at Moscone West, 2nd level.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Banit Agrawal, Member of Technical Staff, VMware, Inc.
DV8324VDI Performance Benchmarking and Best Practices
John Arrasjid, Principal Architect, VCDX, VMware, Inc.
MA7140vCloud Architecture Design Strategies and Design Considerations
Kaushik Banerjee, Senior Manager, R&D, VMware,  Inc.
TA7171Performance Best Practices for vSphere
Gaetan Castelein, Group Manager, Product Marketing, VMware, Inc.
EA8660Virtualizing Tier 1 Applications: Leverage the vSphere Private Cloud as a Better Platform for Apps
PA9443Selling VMware Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery for Business Critical Applications
Banjot Chanana, Senior Product Manager, VMware, Inc.
BC7729Intelligent HA: Application Awareness with VMware HA
Charu Chaubal, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware, Inc.
SE8206Security Hardening Guidelines for vSphere
SE8378Compliance-Ready Virtual Infrastructure, Addressing PCI Security Standard for Virtualized Deployments
SS8222Transitioning to ESXi
Kit Colbert, Principal Engineer, VMware,  Inc.
TA7750Understanding Virtualization Memory Management Concepts
Arturo Fagundo, Senior R&D Manager, Site Recovery Manager, VMware, Inc.
BC8449What’s New in VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
Rajat Goel, Senior R&D Manager, VMware, Inc.
DV6946The Future of VMware Workstation and Cloud Development
Tim Harris, Director of Validation Services, VMware, Inc.
EA8611RealTime Applications Running on vSphere
Azmir Mohamed, Senior Product Manager, VMware, Inc.
BC8537VMware Data Protection Roadmap
Jason Nash, Senior Systems Engineer, Varrow
TA6841Cisco Nexus 1000v: Architecture, Deployment and Management
Ken Owens, Technical Vice President, Security and Server Technologies, Savvis
PC7877Architectures for an Enterprise Virtual Data Center in Public Cloud Environments
Mangesh Pangarkar, Senior Manager, R&D, VMware, Inc.
MA8317Technical Deep Dive: vCenter Chargeback
Massimo Re Ferre, Staff Systems Engineer, VMware, Inc.
PC8624Cloud 101: What's Real, What's Relevant for Enterprise IT, and What Role Does VMware Play
Randy Rowland, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Terremark
PC8632A Guide to Successful Management in a Public Cloud Environment
Chad Sakac, VP, VMware Technology Alliance, EMC Corporation
SP9820Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Infrastructure with Client and Server Virtualization
TA8133Best Practices to Increase Availability and Throughput for VMware
TA8623Storage Super-Heavyweight Challenge
Anjan Srinivas, Product Line Manager, VMware, Inc.
DV7164Migrating to Windows 7 with VMware View
DV7167Design Consideration for Migrating to Windows 7
Michael White, Solution Specialist SE, BCDR, VMware, Inc.
BC6701VMware Data Recovery – All You Need to Know!
Howie Xu, R&D Director, VMware, Inc.
TA8361Future Direction of Networking Virtualization
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"Get Away" to VMworld

Posted by Jordan Jeffery Aug 9, 2010

Our friends at GestaltIT are sponsoring a contest to provide the cost of airfare, registration, and accommodations at VMworld 2010! The award will be given to the contestant that explains best how they will take their experience at VMworld 2010 and “pay it forward” in a manner that benefits the most people. For example, that could be starting a blog, or writing tutorials on what you learn at VMworld. Get creative! The panel of judges will consist of past Tech Field Day Delegates.

For more details about the contest, visit the GestaltIT blog. Hurry though, the contest ends on Tuesday, August 10. Good luck, and hope to see you at VMworld 2010!

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VMworld 2010 highlights from the VMware Team:
1) Steve Herrod, CTO of VMware - A glimpse of what will happen this year at VMworld 2010
2) Kit Colbert, Principal Engineer at VMware - Understanding Virtualization Memory Management
3) Howie Xu, Director of R&D at VMware - Future Direction of Networking Virtualization

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We are excited to announce and confirm the VMworld 2010 Band is INXS
Thank you to everyone who participated in our "Guess the Band" contest via Twitter, Facebook and

The winners of "meet the band" passes are:
William Fulmer, Jordan Lederman and Don Mann (alternate)

View the INXS Facebook fan page | Learn more about INXS at:

And back by popular demand, the opening band will be Elastic Sky

View the Elastic Sky Facebook fan page

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Whether you attend in San Francisco or Copenhagen, VMworld 2010 is the place to be for all VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs). Not only will the events include in-depth educational sessions on everything from desktop virtualization to datacenter management and operations, they will also offer the opportunity to take the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 4 (VCAP4) exams in Datacenter Administration and/or Datacenter Design. Even better, because of your dedication to VMware, you will receive this knowledge and training at a special discount just for VCPs.


Register now for VMworld 2010 and take advantage of your special VCP discount.


Learn more about getting certified at VMworld!


Not a VCP yet? Find out how to become one here.

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Do you have colleagues or peers who might be interested in  attending VMworld 2010 (San Francisco)? Refer them, and when they register and pay for a  VMworld full-conference pass, you'll qualify for one of these rewards:



1-2 paid referrals: One Refer a Colleague T-shirt
3-4 paid referrals: One Flip UltraHD Camcorder
5+ paid referrals: One iPad


To qualify, you must use  the same email address that you used to register for VMworld 2010. Also,  your colleagues need to use the same email address you enter for them  on this referral form when they register for VMworld 2010 San Francisco.


Entries must be received by August 27, 2010, so get your referrals in  today! Only one reward and one entry per person.  Referral rewards will  be distributed onsite at the conference, and you must be present to pick  up your reward.


Refer your collegues today!

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Whether you are attending VMworld 2010 or following the conference from afar, social media will thrive at VMworld 2010.  Be sure you get connected, know the key URLs, follow the VMworld channels and watch for daily announcements, highlights and activities.

The VMware Social Media team will be collaborating with social media teams from various sponsors, partners and attendees to bring everyone the best expereince possible and expand the messages and experiences from the conference - both in San Francisco and Copenhagen.

We have created a social media overview to highlight the following:
- Contacts & Key URLs
- Collaboration tools for contributors & gatherings
- Details of the Social Media & Blogger Lounge
- Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Video/Photo resources
- Discussion Forums
- Other social media options

View the Social Media overview at
And share this URL with others!

If you will be contributing to VMworld 2010 coverage, add your details at:

If you would like to share any VMworld 2010 gatherings, please add those details at:

Please contact if you have any questions.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone at VMworld 2010!
~ Tony Dunn, VMware Social Media & Communities
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