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The following is a guest post from VMware partner, Hitachi Data Systems.


As your IT department evolves into a services business, the alliance between Hitachi Data Systems and VMware adapts to bring IT Efficiency, Control, Agility and Choice.

VMware did a great job of virtualizing the server and now it is doing the same for network. What if you could programmatically provision any network to allow you to place any workload anywhere? And that workload could be moved anywhere and is independent of any physical hardware? This would allow you to deploy any of your complex applications within minutes, providing tremendous operational efficiencies. That is the goal of network virtualization, and what the latest VMware and Hitachi Data Systems collaboration is all about.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro for VMware vSphere is a converged infrastructure built with the IT administrator in mind. It features Hitachi Data Systems servers, storage, and network integrated into a pre-validated, pre-configured platform with VMware vSphere and an orchestration layer—UCP Director software that is embedded into VMware vCenter. In the software-defined data center, all infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. Compute, storage, networking, security, and availability are pooled, aggregated, and automated by UCP Director software.

And you manage everything—from anywhere and at any time—through your familiar VMware vCenter interface.

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We're excited to bring something new and valuable to attendees and the VMworld community. Inside the Community Lounge within the Hang Space, we are offering a VMware Community Bar, staffed by team leaders and social media managers from the VMware programs listed below.  Meet and network with subject experts to discover a variety of programs and social media channels for engaging with their communities. Don't miss this great opportunity all week during VMworld and for a chance at great giveaways & prizes!

Global Support Services:
Learn about VMware Support social media resources available at any time: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the Knowledge Base at kb.vmware.com.

Education and Certification Services:
Meet Linus Bourque and Joshua Andrews, two of the active VMware education and certification community members. Both are active on communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/certedu/certification/vcp answering questions and providing guidance. Be sure to connect with facebook.com/vmwareeducation or twitter.com/vmwareeducation.

TAM Services:
TAMs advocates your needs inside VMware. Drop by to meet VMware TAMs and learn more about the benefits of the TAM Service. Connect with our channels:

Beta Program:
Members of the VMware Beta Program will be on hand to talk with you about product betas and how they are structured today.  We ca share the recent changes in the beta program and additional enhancements that are being investigated to build better products. Not part of the Beta Program? We can help you to get involved.  Visitors will also have a chance to learn about the customer team behind the Onsite and Hosted Betas.  They will be on hand to talk with you about how we've built the environment that supports these portals. 

The VMware User Group is an independent, global, customer-led organization, which maximizes it’s members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events. Join our 80,000+ members world-wide taking advantage of the training and networking opportunities available through the VMUG community. Drop by to learn about exclusive member benefits or visit vmug.com.

Are you inspired by working on innovations that imagine, define and deliver what’s next? Have you thought about what’s next for you? See how our talented and diverse teams work together to radically simplify IT through software virtualization. For a limited time during VMworld, when you follow @vmwarecareers and tweet #whatsnext for you, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a free Fitbit. Don’t delay; we have several of the latest versions to give away!

CloudCred is the hub for all things cloud related, and it is your gateway to building your cloud expertise, broadening your professional network and earning rewards and certifications. Through CloudCred, you can improve your knowledge, get recognized, build your network and much more, and tere are opportunities to compete both as an individual and as a team.  At VMworld, we will be running multiple contests with over $10,000 worth of prizes to give away, including Xboxes, iPads, Roku Boxes, and more. We will have a contest for each of the main threads of VMworld 2013: Software-Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud, and Mobility, as well as as a team contest. Visit cloudcredibility.com.
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10 years of Defying Convention

To celebrate our 10th annual VMworld, each week we'll be looking at a different facet of our event, from the evolution in VMware technology to our place as one of the world's largest IT conferences. For updates on VMworld 2013, please follow @VMworld on Twitter.


The rapidly changing pace of IT industry has made IT certifications invaluable for validation of technical knowledge and career advancement.

In light of technology and product advancements, VMware’s Education and Certification Team implements updates to corresponding certifications to keep skills current. Check out ten “Did You Know?” facts below regarding VMware certifications and their history since training and testing have been introduced at VMworld. As long as IT continues to transform and innovate, VMware will continue to evolve and defy convention:


1.    VMware Certification exams have been made available since June 2003.


2.    The first VMware Certified Professional (VCP) exam was based on ESX 1.5. It was a written test consisting of multiple choice and write-in answers.


3.    Susan Gudenkauf, currently a Senior Program Manager in the Office of the CTO at VMware, is VCP #1 (the first person to ever be awarded the VCP status in the world).


4.    The VCP and VCDX titles have gone through a breadth of renaming changes to better highlight specialization, complement evolution of VMware virtualization platforms and to adhere to industry standards.




5.    The most popular certification is VCP5-DCV, and there are currently over 100,000 VCPs worldwide.




6.    Onsite testing services were first made available at VMworld US 2009 due to high customer demand. The VCP, VCDX Enterprise Administration and Design exams were offered at the Certification Lounge.


7.    VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) certification was introduced on May 24, 2010 to differentiate and acknowledge professionals that develop more cognitively complex skill sets beyond the VCP certification, while also serving as a stepping stone to the VCDX level. VCAP exams debuted at VMworld US 2010.


8.    At VMworld 2012, VMware Education and Certifications Team debuted a major shift in the program: to help test takers decide which exams will best help them in their careers, product-based certifications have shifted to more role-based certifications.  “We have become more focused to help test takers in the world that they’re in, whether they are designers or administrators or engineers.” – Jon Hall


9.    VMware’s first cloud certification, VCP-IaaS (VCP-Infrastructure as a Service) launched last year in 2012 and the exam was made available at VMWorld San Francisco 2012.


10. VCDX5-DCV (VMware Certified Design Expert) is the highest level of VMware certification, requiring an in-person panel defense.  John Arrasjid is VCDX #001 and has continued his involvement with the program. As of now, there are 116 VCDX holders worldwide.

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It's almost that time again, as VMworld 2013 approaches for it's 10 year anniversary in the U.S. and 6th year in Europe.  There are several ways attendees can participate in social media and community, both onsite and online.

Onsite social media and community activity will be centered at the Community Lounge located within the VMworld Hang Space.  Be sure to stop by and say hello to our team and the rest of your industry peers.  The Community Lounge will bring the VMworld Community together for networking, blogging, community programs, video/podcast creation and social media collaboration .  The Lounge will offer a VMware Community Bar, staffed with Community Managers for VMTN, Support, Education, Consulting, Careers, VMUG and Cloud Cred. The Lounge will also offer Blogger tables, a video/podcast "bring-your-own-gear" studio and digital big screens for streaming social media and conference highlights.  There will also be community gatherings throughout the week to continue networking each evening.

Online, VMworld will be active on Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Flickr and other social networks.  We encourage use of hashtags for Twitter as well as Facebook and Instagram. Tag your posts with #vmworld or tweet your most creative 3-word tweet using #vmworld3word.  Sessions & Labs will have their own designated hashtags to filter through the noise and create conversations around specific topics and tracks that others everyone can follow.  On vmworld.com, our team will be aggregating blog coverage and Twitter streams so you can follow along from any location online.

For a summary of all offerings, please visit vmworld.com/community/social

Or download our VMworld 2013 Social Media & Community Guide
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10 years of Defying Convention

To celebrate our 10th annual VMworld, each week we'll be looking at a different facet of our event, from the evolution in VMware technology to our place as one of the world's largest IT conferences. For updates on VMworld 2013, please follow @VMworld on Twitter.

Has it really been 15 years since VMware was founded?

Has it really been 15 years since VMware was founded and started up in the 500 square foot space above the Village Cheese House Deli in Palo Alto with just 5 employees? Has it really been 15 years since the team successfully booted up Windows 95 for the first time ever in a virtual machine? Has it really been 14 years since VMware released their first product, Workstation 1.0 for Linux and Windows?


Taking a look back in time at the evolution of VMware products, here are three of the game-changing products that had a big place at VMworld keynotes:

VMware Infrastructure 3 in 2006


VMware Infrastructure 3 manuals

June 2006: Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3), released with VMware ESX 3.0 and VirtualCenter 2.0

  • “…We also introduced virtual infrastructure. And with that now, has moved us to a whole new level in how we think about, how we manage our hardware, how we deploy our services. You can now pull your CPUs, pull your memory, that many gigahertz aggregated, that many gigabytes aggregated, your storage and your networking.” – CEO Diane Greene, VMworld 2006
  • Industry’s first full Infrastructure virtualization suite that empower enterprises and small businesses alike to transform, manage and optimize their IT systems infrastructure through virtualization
  • Throwback Tchotchke: VI3 videos launch videos   

ESX Server 3i in 2007

  • Described as the “next generation hypervisor architecture, driving virtualization enabled hardware”  - CEO Diane Greene, VMworld 2007
  • Industry’s first generation of a ultra-thin hypervisor integrated into server hardware. Everybody at the show got a cardboard box with their very own ESX Server 3i on a USB stick.


vSphere 4.0 in 2009

  • “This year we took a very big step forward with the introduction of vSphere.” – CEO Paul Maritz, VMworld 2009. “This was a major release for us, over 1,500 engineers worked on vSphere for about two years.”
  • Industry’s first operating system for building the internal cloud, enabling the delivery of efficient, flexible and reliable IT as a service.
  • vSphere 4.0 ran the VMworld labs in part from this data center built at the bottom of the Moscone escalators:3887431291_d6fed96be0_b.jpg
    (photo: Cisco)

More from the wayback machine...


1999: VMware Workstation 1.0 released for Windows and Linux

  • First to virtualize the x86 architecture
  • First to deliver a hosted virtual machine monitor (the hosted architecture integrates a virtual monitor with an existing operation system)


2001: VMware ESX 1.0

  • First bare metal hypervisor in the industry
  • First OS to support 64-bit extensions on an x86-based system
  • First to handle a modern I/O subsystem in a virtualized x86 system
  • First to enable transparent memory sharing of virtual machines on a commoditized platform
  • First to enable a single virtual machine to span multiple physical processors on an x86-based system
  • Throwback Tchotchke: Screenshot of ESX Server 1.0:


2003: vMotion

  • First to enable a running VM to move across physical boundaries


2003: P2V Assistant

  • First to enable automatic conversation of a physical x86-based environment, including OS and applications, into a virtual environment


“To be a pathbreaking systems software company whose software will become pervasive by the year 2000.”  -VMware's Mission Statement from 2008

It looks like VMware shows no signs of slowing down innovation in IT and will continue to defy convention. Do you remember these products or the first time running these products? Share with us your stories in the comments below.

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Twitter takes center stage once again at VMworld 2013.  With global audiences tuning into VMworld, Twitter can provide realtime information for announcements, show highlights, trending conversations and insights.  Be aware of how to connect with VMworld information on Twitter for quick access to knowledge, resources and networking with other Twitter users.
Conference Hashtags
#vmworld > add to your tweets for max reach
#vmworld3word > add to creative 3-word tweets
Session & Lab Hashtags
This year, you can tweet about specific VMworld Sessions & Labs, using individual hashtags.  Just add a # in from of any SessionID or LabID and add it to your tweets.  Or search Twitter for these same hashtags.  These hashtags will also be listed within Sessions & Labs abstracts in the Content Catalog and Schedule Builder.  View Session & Lab hashtags by track/topic.
Signup to be a Twitter Contributor
If you plan to provide VMworld 2013 coverage on Twitter, you can signup for the San Francisco Contributors List or the Barcelona Contributors List.
Live Twitter Streams
You can watch live VMworld Twitter streams online or visit the Hang Space at VMworld and watch live streams on the Digital Big Screens.  We are pulling VMworld hashtags into all of our streams, so you can tweet content and see it displayed (usually realtime, depending on traffic load and activity at that time).
Twitter Name on Attendee Badges
If you want your Twitter name printed on your badge, be sure you have added this in your registration w/ opt-in checked.  If you missed this, you can go back into registration to edit.

To view realtime VMworld Twitter activity and all details above, visit: http://vmworld.com/community/twitter
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10 years of Defying Convention

To celebrate our 10th annual VMworld, each week we'll be looking at a different facet of our event, from the evolution in VMware technology to our place as one of the world's largest IT conferences. For updates on VMworld 2013, please follow @VMworld on Twitter.

The Solutions Exchange is undoubtedly the most action-packed part of VMworld.


The industry’s most forward-thinking IT solution providers convene in the expo space every year to showcase their products and meet their customers and partners. The Solution Exchange is the place to check in with your current vendors and check out the hottest technologies to add to your IT toolbox. It's also not a bad place to get schwag.


vmworld12-solutions exchange.png


Booths range from the small pods to entire palazzos on the show floor. This year, over 300 exhibitors will be there for you to visit. The VMware booth will include technology demos, and expert bar, and theater presentations.

Do You Remember?


Do You Remember… when VMworld US 2004 had 30 sponsors in the Solutions Expo? Last year, VMworld US 2012 boasted over 250 sponsors in Solutions Exchange.

solutions exchange - technodrone.png
photo: Maish Saidel-Kensing at Technodrone


Do You Remember … when the Expert Bar had a different name? It's a part of the VMware booth for attendees to have one-on-one face time with a VMware technology expert.




Do You Remember ... the BattleBots competition at the first VMworld in 2004?


Do You Remember ... the Tiki-themed booth from Foedus at VMworld 2006 in Los Angeles, complete with conga line and steel drum band?

Photo: Glen Cochran


Do You Remember… the gigantic (16 x 60 feet) chalk mural by New York artist Brian Rea outside Solutions Exchange at VMworld 2007?  Bonus fun fact: There are pieces of the mural framed and hung around VMware’s HQ in Palo Alto.


Do You Remember… when VMware first brought white boards to the Expert Bar, drawing in a crowd? Since VMworld US 2007, white boards have either cover the surface of the bar or on a swivel for effective learning.


Do You Remember… when the first Refueling Lounge was introduced at VMworld 2012, stocked with coffee carts and a smoothie bar for a quick recharge of mind, body, and device?


Do You Remember… the first Solutions Exchange “Hall Crawl” at VMworld 2010? Beverages and food were sponsored by six vendors. Last year, the Hall Crawl was sponsored by 21 vendors.



Do you remember your favorite booth at VMworld Solutions Exchange? Share with us in the comments below:

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VMworld 2013 Bloggers

Posted by tdunn Jul 2, 2013

Blogging at VMworld has become an exceptional way to amplify announcements, deep-dive into technology, provide key insights & editorial or just follow show highlights and share the VMworld experience.  But blogs are just the tools... 'Bloggers' are the heart of our VMworld community.  We really appreciate our community of bloggers who contribute year after year, including vExperts, alumni, new attendees and many followers who are unable make it onsite.

If you will be contributing to blog coverage of VMworld 2013 for either venue (San Francisco or Barcelona), please visit VMworld 2013 Bloggers and signup to be a contributor.  This page offers a feed of blog posts from our VMworld 2013 contributors as well as links to our official VMworld Blog and VMware & Industry Blog Rollup.

We will have dedicated blogger tables within our Community area of the VMworld Hang Space, adjacent to the Solutions Exchange.  If you are a blogger onsite at the conference, please plan time to meetup with fellow bloggers and other social media peers at this location to blog, charge devices, record video or podcasts, or just to relax & network.  Aside from being where the "cool kids hangout", the Hang Space will feature many perks such as a VMware Social Media & Communities Bar (support, certification, consulting, careers, etc.), self-service community video space, social media jumbo screens, recreational games, charging stations, lounge seating and drinks & snacks.  Reserved blogger tables will also be setup at the front of General Sessions.

Be sure to bookmark: VMworld 2013 Bloggers

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10 years of Defying Convention


To celebrate our 10th annual VMworld, each week we'll be looking at a different facet of our event, from the evolution in VMware technology to our place as one of the world's largest IT conferences. For updates on VMworld 2013, please follow @VMworld on Twitter.


The Breakout Sessions are at the heart of VMworld.

Breakout Sessions have dynamic speakers, provide rich content, and spark constructive discussions. To wring every ounce out of the VMworld experience, attendees pore over the Content Catalog for the more valuable and interesting Breakout Sessions, sketch out alternate plans of attack in the Schedule Builder, and carefully fill their calendars – all the while making sure there’s enough time to travel between rooms, hit the Solutions Exchange, and take a break every now and then for some food and some socializing.



Back in 2004, VMworld was positioned to be a user conference with more than 60 sessions.

Now going into its 10th year, it has grown to be one of the largest virtualization-specific conferences, offering more than 350 sessions. Although the purpose of VMworld has remained relatively consistent, the development of sessions is far from static. To put its growth into perspective, consider the number of sessions that were offered each year. Starting in 2010 we began to repeat popular sessions more often (so stay alert for openings in your schedule on Wednesday and Thursday!); those repeats aren’t even counted in the table below, which makes the growth of the conference even more impressive.


YearUS SessionsEurope Sessions
2004> 60
2005> 110
2006> 290
2007> 210
2008> 300> 120
2009> 300> 140
2010> 170> 115
2011> 175> 200
2012> 330> 200



The topics of the sessions have evolved with the industry and the technology.

Tracks ranged from virtual infrastructure solutions to managing enterprise desktop to architecting the data center. The wide variety of high-impact Breakout Sessions throughout the past 9 years makes it almost unfair to ask attendees to choose a single favorite. While there is much to share, here are some comments past attendees made about sessions that left a lasting impression:


Petri Rantanen: “The best session was End User Computing Summit, there where all those are working also in the EUC side and talk and share ideas with them (also with the VMware).”


Todd Lewey: “I will go with the Scott Lowe and Forbes Guthrie session on vSphere design, the content was amazing, the flow of the presentations and discussions was very fluid, and both speakers were very informative. Mostly the take away from this session was the speakers, Scott and Forbes are very energetic and passionate about what they do, seeing techs like this doing what they do, is very infectious and carries over after the entire conference.”


Benny Hauk: “Two sessions in 2006 with Mendel Rosenblum. One was one he led, the other was a panel discussion he was on (the panel was incredible A-listers, even the moderator was a tech writer everyone knew). I remembered thinking, 'this shouldn’t be crammed into this tiny room, it should be in the keynote room!'”


Daunce: “Best session: Ask the experts. While waiting for the session to start, most of the experts were talking amongst themselves, but Scott Lowe was walking through the crowd asking them how their day had been. Scott Lowe is awesome.”


Andrew Mauro: I remember a session in 2009 at VMworld EU, it was about the virtualization of the mobile OS… was funny and strange… because so futuristic.



But it's not just about the Breakout Sessions.

However, sessions are not the only time to gain new knowledge; year after year attendees have reported incidental educational opportunities while interacting with fellow peers between sessions. This is no surprise, considering growing thousands of VMware customers, partners, engineers, product experts and IT professionals converge in single conference campus in US and in Europe for three to four days.



YearUS AttendeesEurope Attendees
2004> 1,600
2005> 3,500
2006> 6,000
2007> 10,800
2008> 14,000> 4,500
2009> 12,500> 4,700
2010> 17,000> 6,000
2011> 19,000> 6,500
2012> 21,000> 7,000


Anticipating over 21,000 attendees for VMworld US 2013 and over 8,000 attendees for VMworld Europe 2013, we expect the Breakout Sessions will be once again one of the highlights of the conference, but networking opportunities will also surface in the Hang Space, at the VMworld Party, at meals, and between Breakouts. We're glad to have you back again in 2013!


What was your favorite VMworld Breakout Session? 

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Make the most of your time at VMworld San Francisco, and take advantage of all of the educational options available. Advance your knowledge with pre-conference training courses and prove your skills with certification exams at discounted rates.


Plan to arrive early to VMworld 2013 and take advantage of a 20% discount off regular course pricing. Hone your skills with VMware solutions, meet the experts behind VMware products, and exchange ideas and best practices with IT professionals from around the world.  Check out the entire list of special discounted pre-conference courses now. All VMware Certification exams, including advanced professional certifications, will be 75% off the regular price, when taken on-site at VMworld San Francisco. Validate your cloud and virtualization skills today.


Check out the list and take advantage of discounted promotion codes.


Space is limited, so reserve your seat soon!

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VMworld is coming soon, this year for the 10th anniversary in the U.S. and 6th in Europe. VMworld is loaded with valuable knowledge, instruction & experiences.  But as many of the returning attendees can confirm, a big part of the conference is the official/un-official gatherings that happen during the week of the show.

Back for another exciting year, here is the infamous VMworld 2013 Gatherings list for community gatherings, tweetups, parties and all other activities. This list includes both the official VMworld Conference events as well as all other unofficial VMworld Community organized events.  And this includes separate lists for both VMworld 2013 San Francisco and Barcelona.  If you are organizing or managing any gatherings during either conference, please submit your details for consideration to add to the listings.  Please check back often for updates.

VMworld 2013 Gatherings

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference, and hopefully, at many of these gatherings!

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10 years of Defying Convention


To celebrate our 10th annual VMworld, each week we'll be looking at a different facet of our event, from the evolution in VMware technology to our place as one of the world's largest IT conferences. For updates on VMworld 2013, please follow @VMworld on Twitter.


Blog1_HOL_2004 resized.jpeg
Hands-On Labs at the first VMworld
in 2004.

Since 2004, Hands-On Labs (HOLs) at VMworld have been a key part of VMworld’s experiential learning.

HOLs give attendees access to the latest VMware technologies. “It’s a benefit for users; they can try all VMware products without assembling software. Users don’t have to change licenses or buy equipment—and trying to do that yourself could take days,” says Pablo Roesch, Group Manager of Technical Marketing.


Blog1_HOL_2011 resized.jpeg
Product experts are available to answer
questions and listen to feedback.

What happens during HOLs is all in the name: get your hands on a VMware-provided keyboard or your own device, and experiment with a product in the lab for approximately 60 minutes. Product experts are also on deck to provide immediate guidance. After a successful run of the lab, the environment is reset to a fresh state for the next participant.


Instructor-Led Labs kicked off in 2004 with resounding success.

Building the HOLs environment has been a labor of love years in the making. Labs were held in a room as its own encapsulated environment (datacenter, isolated network, user access points) equipped with Lab Captains to lead a guided tour to 40 to 120 users. Its popularity left attendees wanting a greater Labs presence and experience.


We introduced Self-Paced Labs in 2005.

To combat concerns in reserving seats, Self-Paced Labs (SPLs) were introduced in 2005 providing users with the convenience of accessing HOLs without pre-registration. While this resolved the issue by giving attendees the option to take a lab at their own time, Self-Paced Labs could not provide a complete user experience given the inherent limitations on a laptop.


Blog1_HOL_2009 resized.jpeg
SPLs in session during VMworld 2009.

Between VMworld 2008 and 2009, lab teams experimented with the concept of nesting ESX within itself. Running ESX on top of ESX within a virtual machine enabled HOLs to be built once and deployed in a clean state over and over again. By VMworld 2009, the lab teams combined nested ESX, Lab Manager and a custom portal in a private cloud supported by on-site datacenters. This created an enhanced self-paced experience, one that parallels the instructor-led one.


The success of the on-demand SPLs in VMworld 2009 proved to be a pivotal turning point in the creation of a HOL infrastructure.


All labs at the 2010 VMworld US were 100% self-paced.

Each workstation had a VMware View virtualized desktop running Lab Manager software, powered by VMware hybrid cloud technology. The vSphere virtualized infrastructure integrated onsite and offsite datacenters (in San Francisco, Ashburn, and Miami) to enable 4,000 virtual machines to be deployed and un-deployed every hour.


In 2011, all HOLs ran on vSphere 5.0 and vCloud Director 1.5 in a geo-distributed public cloud powered by three data centers (Amsterdam, Miami and Las Vegas). In this year, there was significant focus on the delivery of lab content. Instead of showcasing features of a product, sessions were more scenario-based to give the user a practical perspective on how a VMware product can improve business IT operations.


Blog1_HOL_2012 resized.jpeg
Attendees running labs on their own
devices during VMworld 2012.


In 2012, VMworld introduced the BYOD model, making HOLs even easier to experience.

Support for BYOD (bring your own device), the introduction of Lightning Labs (quick 15 or 30 minute modules) and the reduction of lab time to less than 60 minutes are just three ways HOLs have grown to be as scalable as possible.


To top that this year, VMworld 2013 will have hot spots around the conference so HOLs can be accessed outside the lab. This further reinforces Pablo Roesch’s stance on HOLs: “Our goal is to make our labs as accessible as possible to everyone on the planet. People should be able to do labs on the fly, on airplanes, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


Please leave any feedback on HOLs in the comments below, so VMworld can continue to grow and defy convention.

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As pressures mount to maximize IT agility and increase profitability, small and midsized organizations like yours face unique challenges. Limited budgets, minimal resources, increased service demands and reliability are top of mind for IT professionals like you.


At VMworld 2013, you’ll gain the tools you need to transform conventional legacy IT into seamless, agile solutions that can dramatically simplify your operations.


Check out VMworld’s 2013 Content Catalog today. The Content Catalog is your guide to VMworld 2013 information. Find detailed descriptions of designated tracks, sessions, speaker information and Hands-on Labs, and customize your own event experience.


Register now and learn how to Defy Convention by extending the benefits of virtualization to all data center services.


Together, we can evolve from the ordinary and leave the pitfalls of legacy computing behind.  This is VMworld 2013 – 10 years of Defying Convention.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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Save $500 Off Onsite Registration - Early Bird Rate Ends 6/10

Time is running out to register for VMworld 2013 at an early bird discount rate! Join us in San Francisco on August 25–29 for the 10th annual VMworld and learn how to extend the benefits of virtualization to all data center services.



At VMworld 2013, you’ll gain the tools you need to transform conventional remedies into seamless, agile solutions that dramatically simplify your operations by taking advantage of:

    • More than 350 in-depth sessions
    • 26 Hands-On Labs
    • 275 sponsors and exhibitors in the Solutions Exchange
    • Networking opportunities with industry experts and other IT professionals



Still on the fence? VMworld’s content catalog will launch June 7th so you can learn more about the unique education opportunities. The content catalog is your guide to sessions and speaker information, giving you the ability to customize your calendar and plan out each conference day.



Register before June 10th and save $500 off onsite registration pricing. Together, we can evolve from the ordinary and leave the pitfalls of legacy computing behind. This is VMworld 2013 – 10 years of Defying Convention.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Refer a Friend and Earn Rewards

Do you know a friend or colleague that would be interested in attending VMworld 2013? As a full-conference registrant, you can earn valuable rewards for referrals.

Getting started is easy – If you have your VMworld 2013 full-conference registration email, you can use the embedded link at the bottom of your p to initiate the Refer-a-Friend tool and follow the steps provided.

If you don’t have access to your confirmation email, you can still access the Refer-a-Friend tool from the “My Account” tab inside the VMworld registration platform. Login to your account, navigate to the “My Accounts” tab and use the Refer-a-Friend tool located there.

Once your referral registers and has a settled payment status you’ll qualify for one of these rewards:

  • At least 1 paid referral: One $25 VMware Store gift card
  • 5-9 paid referrals: One Kindle Fire or iPod Touch (your choice)
  • 10+ paid referrals: One Apple iPad + you will be entered into a drawing for the chance at winning a free VMworld 2014 Full-Conference pass

Refer-a-Friend now – All entries must be received by October 4, 2013.

To qualify for a reward, your registration must be fully paid. If you cancel your paid registration, you will not qualify for a reward. Offer not valid for VMworld 2013 group discounts, government or VMware employees, and is not retroactive.

Read the full Terms and Conditions.

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To create a personal blog on VMworld.com, sign into your account, click on "Manage Account" in the top right corner of any page, click on the "Blog Posts" tab and then click on "Create a Personal Blog" or "Write a Blog Post" from within your account profile.

Note: All blogs will be monitored and reviewed for content. Any blogs not related to virtualization or considered to be spam or offensive will be removed.