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As the demand for IT professionals with virtualization and cloud skills increases, it becomes more and more essential to distinguish yourself in the market. VMware’s industry-recognized certifications validate your technical capabilities and knowledge, giving you an edge.

At the VMworld Certification Exam Center all VMware Certified Professional (VCP) and VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) exams will be 50% off the regular price. This is an excellent opportunity to recertify your certification or validate new skills at a significant savings.

Space is limited so reserve your seat today! VMworld Europe Registration

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While you’re in Barcelona, make sure you stop by the Education and Certification Lounge in Hall 7. We’ll have last minute study materials available, answer any questions you may have about recertification, and can even get you registered for an exam onsite.


Follow @VMwareEducation on Twitter for the latest updates!

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20 Days Until Barcelona!

Posted by VMworld Team Sep 23, 2014


Continuing to track the international representation in registration: here's this week's update on attendance!  With only 20 days left until VMworld 2014 Europe, Norway, France and Italy have jumped up the rankings with registrations from Italy doubling over the last 10 days. In addition, we have seen new registrants for the first time this year from Senegal and South Korea.

Follow these channels for regional updates: Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Latin America, APJ, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Israel, Middle East, and South Africa.

What does everyone recommend to prepare for VMworld? Answer: REST
Check out these 3 interviews for what to expect this year:

Joe Baguely, EMEA CTO of VMware, gives his advice and personal experiences:

Gavin Jackson, VMware VP and GM of Cloud Services in EMEA, recommends great sessions:

Can you image VMworld with just 600 attendees? Matt Piercy, VP of Northern EMEA, reminisces about the first VMworld, plus he shares the top 10 reasons to attend Partner Exchange this year:

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Duncan Epping blogger.png
A couple of days ago I had a discussion with someone. That person asked me why I felt people should attend VMworld Europe. I didn’t have to think too long, to me the European event has always been special. I know some may have a different opinion, but I personally always liked the European event and there are a couple of simple reasons for it. So let me explain why I feel that the European event is worth attending.

Networking is of course useful anywhere, but what are you truly going to get out of a US based event when all of your business is in Europe? On top of that, typically the event feels less crowded and I have noticed people are a bit more laid back because of that which makes it easier to have random conversations. I find myself just sitting down during lunch with random people and chatting away with people from various countries. It is always interesting to find out if technology adoption is different, what the trends are etc. Some countries in Europe are a couple of steps ahead when it comes to deploying certain solutions, these make very interesting conversations.
Group Networking2.png
VMworld is not just about networking of course, it is also very much about gaining knowledge. When I went to VMworld as an attendee I would fill my agenda up with deepdives and the one thing I noticed is that for Europe it was always easier to get in to sessions and especially the ones covering new features or products. On top of that, you have probably seen all the buzz from VMworld US which means that you can now pick that one session everyone was raving about!

And of course I should not forget the VMworld labs. As just stated, by now you have all digested the product announcements and know what you want to learn more about… so you can go and take that Lab you wanted to take. Of course you can also do this online, but at VMworld you have experts walking around who can provide help and answer questions whenever you have them. Great right?

Barcelona Basilica.jpg
Last but not least: Barcelona. Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco is a great city… But so is Barcelona. The cultural and historical richness of it makes it worth visiting, and if I have to give one tip: Basílica de la Sagrada Família. Also, there are some great restaurants there, so if you enjoy good food it is a great place.

To summarize: Register now, and don’t miss out!

Duncan is a Chief Technologist on VMware’s Emerging Solutions R&D team.  He has written numerous industry publications and books and is the owner of, the #1 ranked virtualization blog in’s annual top 25 list

Check out Duncan’s
Top 5 VMworld EMEA Recommended Deep Dive Geek Sessions


Helpful Links:



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    Have you heard of Eurovision? The annual song contest is based on each European country selecting one musical group to represent their nation, then the winners are chosen by popular vote. Much like Eurovision, VMworld brings together 92 different nationalities to share their newest endeavors (in technology and sometimes air guitar abilities).  Based on the idea of attendee diversity and some friendly competition, we thought it would be interesting to rank the top 10 European countries represented at VMworld 2014 Europe in Barcelona, Spain.

    EuroVMworld14_Rankings copy.png

    We found it interesting to compare last year’s attendance to see any changes. This year the top 5 countries by percentage include: UK (15.13%), Germany (13.35%), Netherlands (6.77%), Switzerland (4.55%) and Sweden (4.23%). The rankings were fairly different in 2013, when the top 5 countries by percentage were: UK (13.79%), Germany (11.78%), Netherlands (6.24%), Spain (6.10%) and France (5.90%), followed by Sweden, Italy, Norway, Switzerland and Russia.  Some new countries this year in attendance include: Aland Islands, Armenia, New Caledonia, and Reunion Island.
    Hope you enjoyed these statistics and will follow along as we continue to track the top 10 countries attending VMworld 2014 Europe.  Excited to meet all attendees in less than 30 days in Barcelona! Try these sites for more information on the 3-day agenda, travel, training, networking and sessions or hands-on labs.

    Check out the "Official" Music Video from VMworld 2013 Europe!


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    VMworld 2014 U.S. Wrap-up

    Posted by Tony Dunn Aug 30, 2014
    What a great week at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco! As we wind down to recharge and then gear up for VMworld 2014 in Barcelona, here are a few resources to help wrap-up:

    Blogs on news and announcements:
    VMworld 2014 Bloggers Rollup
    VMware Tribal Knowledge Blog wrap-up

    Video playlists on VMworld TV (YouTube):
    VMworld 2014 U.S. Highlights from San Francisco
    VMworld 2014 U.S. Keynotes and Top Sessions
    VMworld 2014 U.S. Interviews by theCUBE
    VMworld 2014 U.S. Community Tech Talks (vBrownBag)

    NEW! Watch video recordings of the Top 10 Sessions for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from VMworld 2014 U.S. (available for everyone). Scroll through the pages for top 10 from all 3 days. For all sessions, you must be a paid VMworld 2014 U.S. attendee.  Attendees will be notified when available in early September.

    Watch for variety of offerings from our VMworld Social Media & Community page as we head into VMworld 2014 Europe. For example, the VMworld team curated a series of community postings into a VMworld Storify account. We will also be posting VMworld 2014 photo albums on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest.


    VMworld 2014 Social Stream
    NEW this year, we are offering a VMworld 2014 Social Stream of postings and photos from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, directly from you, our community.  Watch this stream and participate by adding the #vmworld hashtag to any of your postings to appear in the stream.  This will be running for all of VMworld 2014 — from San Francisco through to Barcelona!.

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    Watch VMworld TV highlights from VMworld 2014, Day 1 through Day 4:


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    There are two parts to the Solutions Exchange: the countless number of solutions (try to count – we dare you!) and the exchange of ideas, information, and some great swag. The expo hall  truly illustrates VMware’s story. We are excited to highlight about 250 companies who are part of our very important Partner ecosystem. Malery Lassen, Sponsorship Manager, says “we’re an industry event and we’re happy to let our customers interface with companies who hold different philosophies… seems fitting that 2 out of the 3 major networking events at VMworld happen inside the Solutions Exchange!”

    Solutions Exchange.png

    Speaking of events - what do you hope to see at the Welcome Reception and Hall Crawl?
    With such a myriad of products, displays, banners and stages it can be easy to get lost in the hall for hours! Here is a helpful checklist to help you navigate:

    - Stop by the Welcome Reception sponsored by HP and Intel on Sunday from 4PM-7PM 
    - Grab a drink at the Hall Crawl on Tuesday from 4:30PM-6:00PM
    - Check out what’s changed at this year’s new VMware booth
    - Get a sneak peek of the next ideas for VMware at the Office of the CTO booth
    - See the new product pavilion for VMware opening on Monday morning
    - Catch a ride on one of the VMUG pedicabs
    - Reenergize your mind, body and devices at the Refueling Lounge sponsored by CDW with free popcorn, cookies and a golf tutorial
    - Grab your popcorn and catch one of the Theater sessions (see schedule)
    - Get your Service Provider Passport inside the Pavilion, booth#334 for your chance to win a Go-Pro
    - Daily Hours:
       o Sunday 4 PM – 7 PM
       o Monday 11AM-6PM
       o Tuesday 11AM-6PM
       o Wednesday 10AM-5PM


    Check out the VMworld Storify for recent tweets and
    follow Twitter @VMware_Partners for more information!

    Hall Crawl.jpg

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    The VMworld Hang Space is a huge open-space room next to the General Session auditorium in lower Moscone North (just below the escalators).  Whether new to VMworld, or experienced alumni, plan to spend time here networking with bloggers, subject experts, co-workers and VMworld attendees. It's the perfect place to meet-up, get organized, catch up on news & email, write blogs, browse social media streams, charge devices, or just relax.

    Community Tech Talks
    Our Community Theater, hosted by vBrownBag, will offer brief technical presentations, demos and discussions with audience seating. The Tech Talks will be streamed LIVE for viewing online and made available as recordings for viewing later. View the schedule of Tech Talks with details on time/presenter.  Be sure to thank the vBrownBag crew for what a great job they do, because they put in a lot of effort to host talks just for you. If you can't stop by, watch online.

    There will be a dedicated Blogger table with seating for ~20 bloggers, equipped with high-speed internet connections and power strips. This is an excellent location to meet fellow bloggers and vExperts to talk about the conference or make connections face-to-face. There will also be dedicated blogger tables at the front of the General Session auditorium. To increase awareness and exposure of bloggers, please visit our VMworld Bloggers page and sign-up for our Blogger list for listing and inclusion in the VMworld blog rollup.

    VMware Communities Booth
    Drop by this fantastic resource to meet actual VMware Community Managers from our VMTN Forums, vExpert Program, Beta Programs, VMware Social Support team, VMware Education and Certification team, TAM Program and VMUG User Groups. These Community Managers, many you may recognize from their Social Media accounts, can provide demos and answer questions on programs, events, support, and social media & community offerings.

    CloudCred Booth
    Attached to the VMware Communities Booth, you will find CloudCred, which is offering a special alliance with Hands-on-Labs this year. Whenever you complete a Hands-on-Lab, you will be given a verification code for CloudCred which will give you the opportunity to win awesome prizes. Drop by this CloudCred booth to learn more about the cool alliance and to join the CloudCred community if you haven't already. Read the recent CloudCred-HOL blog post.

    Social Media Command Center
    Located between the Community Tech Talks and VMware Communities Booth, the Social Media Command Center is where the pulse of VMworld Social Media will monitored and amplified. Drop by and talk to our Social Media team about tips and tricks for social media at VMworld. We always love to talk to our community about insights and opportunities to increase reach and amplification while monitoring the buzz of the show.  For an overall listing of social media offerings, visit our VMworld Social Media & Community page.

    Jumbo Projection Screens
    A favorite every year, we will have 3 jumbo screens spread across the Hang Space to view social media streams, conference highlights and live/recorded video throughout the week.  Share your own Tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos using #VMworld hashtags to see yourself included on the big screen realtime social media streams. Theses same screens will be showing LIVE streams of General Sessions on Monday and Tuesday morning, so consider watching from in the Hang Space to avoid the General Session auditorium crowd.

    There will be several other highlights of the Hang Space that will make it a highlight of the show for all attendees.  Be sure to schedule time to "hang out" here and either network or relax. And don't forget to download the VMworld 2014 Mobile App.
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    Hello Friends,
    We are very excited about another great Hands-on Labs at VMworld and happy to give you an inside peek at what is coming.
    Why attend Hands-on Labs during VMworld ?
    #1. Be the first to take the latest Hands-on Labs.  Our labs are released every year at VMworld US. The labs feature the latest products, features and solutions from VMware and partners.
    #2. Interact with over 225 VMware product experts under one roof. Our experts are ready to provide guidance, share best practices when using our products.  This is probably the only place in the universe where you can get access to this many product experts under one roof.
    #3. Interact with your peers, and colleagues. This year we are featuring “Focus Areas” where like-minded individuals can take the same lab and share their experiences in a very casual and interactive manner. 
    VMworld Hands-on Labs Cloud Credits
    Attendees taking Hands-on Labs during VMworld will get points for taking labs. This is a great way to gain an upper edge on your peers and have fun taking Hands-on Labs.
    Cloud Cred Points.png
    We have over 225 Product Experts under one roof to answer your product questions.
    Meet Joshua Schnee, Andrew Hald and Doug Baer from the team and follow us during VMworld on Twitter @vmwarehol
    HOL Team.png
    Sneak Peek at the VMworld 2014 Hands-on Labs Room
    in Esplanade Moscone South


    New Hands-on Lab Content for 2014
    We are extremely proud of our new Hands-on Lab content for 2014. We have taken the best from last year and improved upon it based on your feedback and comments. This year we are showcasing labs like Airwatch that will have outbound access to your device. This means you will be able to get an up close and personal look at how to manage mobile devices using Airwatch Management platform. 
    NSX Partner Solutions – we are featuring labs show casing integration with leading partners such as Palo Alto Networks, Juniper and Symantec. The NSX was the number one lab around the world last year and destined to continue to be in the top ranking this year. Be the first to test out our new labs.
    The world around storage – We have great new modulus dedicated to storage and storage performance monitoring. This is a great opportunity to get ahead on Virtual SAN technology.
    We have a great deal of new content so be sure to check out our Hands-on Labs catalog.
    Partner created Hands-on Labs
    This year we are featuring some top solutions created by our Partners who we incorporated as part of our development teams. We are very product of our solutions and hope you have time to take our Partner Hands-on Labs.
    Please take a look at our complete Hands-on Lab catalog for VMworld 2014.
    Introducing The Expert Led Workshops
    The Expert Led Workshops provide an intimate experience with you and our product experts. The workshops are small by design and geared for you to take a lab, learn best practices and tips from the product Experts. You will follow along the Hands-on Lab and more important hear from the Experts on the tips and tricks when using our products. The Expert Led Workshops are scheduled through the Schedule Builder – they have filled up fast. 
    HOL ELW.png
    Self Paced Hands-on Labs
    The Hands-on Lab we have known over the years. We are offering Traditional seating with desktops sponsored by Dell. These include the Dell Z90 and D90 Thin Clients and the beautiful 24” Monitors. We are also offering the ability for you to bring your own laptop to take a lab. If you do decide to take the lab using your laptop you will need the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer (10+) Please be sure to check the Lab hours – You do not need to register to take a Self Paced Hands-on Lab – just show up.
    Product Focus Areas
    As we mentioned above these areas are dedicated for you to come in with your like-minded individuals, take a lab and share experiences. We will have Product Experts in the area to help with any questions if they come up.
    HOL Product Focus Area.png
    The Hot Spot is Back
    We are planning on having 1 Hot Spot in Moscone West for users that would like to take a Lab in between sessions and breaks. We will have the area supported with product experts who can help you with product questions.
    HOL Hot Spot.png
    VMworld Hands-on Lab HotSpot – easy way to take a lab during VMworld 2014
    Hands-on Labs Infrastructure Overview and Data Center Global Footprint
    Its seems like just yesterday we were getting by with one datacenter but as demand has increased we have started building out global capacity to meet the needs of our global user base.
    Final.pngHOL Footprint2.png
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    Hands-on Labs Wants to See You at the Feedback Corner

    Hands-On Labs wants to hear from you! This year at VMworld, the Hands-On Labs will feature a Feedback Corner where you can drop in to let them know what’s on your mind. They want to talk to customers, partners, consultants, and virtualization enthusiasts from all industries.

    Help HOL improve the customer experience by participating in a usability test. They are looking for feedback about a range of products and ideas. Throughout the week they will also be interviewing virtualization rockstars. Stop by to see who is on our interview couch, give your feedback, and fill out a survey to be entered for raffle prizes. They are giving away GoPro Cameras, Bose speakers, Beats Pills, and a swarm of Hadoop elephants.

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    Women of Purpose is a community that promotes, elevates and connects women within VMware, customers, partners and employees. We were founded in 2010 and are thrilled to host our 5th annual Women of Purpose at VMworld 2014.

    We have an exciting agenda for Women of Purpose with a featured industry speaker, a women executive panel and networking exercise. In addition, there we will be hosting a reception post-event to continue the conversation. VMworld attendees can register today to join us on Tuesday, August 26th from 4-6PM (VMworld pass and badge are required to attend this event).

    Please connect to Women of Purpose Group on LinkedIn.
    The theme of this year’s Women of Purpose event is “Building Your Personal Brand

    Personal Branding is about identifying and communicating what makes you unique and relevant to your target audience, so that you can reach your career and/or business goals. The idea is that if you understand your strengths, skills, passions, and values, you can use this information to separate yourself from others and really stand out. For women, creating and promoting an authentic personal brand can be a difficult task to accomplish. Research shows that some women have trouble with this because self-promotion is not part of their upbringing as women. The Women of Purpose event at VMworld hopes to bring awareness to and help women create their own personal brand.

    In 2014 VMware launched VMwomen, an enterprise-wide initiative to increase the representation of women. It builds on research showing how greater diversity results in increased innovation, which in turn leads to better business outcomes. VMwomen is led by VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger, and holds each business leader accountable for a measurable plan to increase representation in hiring, promotions and retention within their organization.

    Women of Purpose is a customer, partner and VMware employee program within the VMwomen initiative.

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    VMworld Sessions Online

    Posted by Tony Dunn Aug 8, 2014
    If you are planning your schedule of sessions and labs for VMworld 2014, you are among hundreds or thousands of other attendees doing the same.  As you login to Schedule Builder and start building your schedule, or browse through Content Catalog, be sure to take the time to research the session details, speaker info, and time/location. NOTE: Remember to leave enough time between sessions to walk or travel between locations.  

    Session Guidance
    Utilize online networking with other attendees, past alumni and Partners for suggested sessions and labs to attend. Leverage the VMworld community for recommendations, but ultimately choose the best sessions to attend for yourself, based on your learning needs and goals. Here are a few posts from VMware and the community on suggested sessions:
    Yellow Bricks | Chris Wolf | VirtualGeek | VMware VSAN Team | VMware PowerCLI Team | VMware Cloud Mgmt Team | VMware EUC Team

    Session & Lab Hashtags
    Utilize online networking with other attendees and alumni for any suggestions or recommendations they may have. You can also view conversations and comments for specific sessions or labs Twitter, using hashtags available for each. The SessionID or LabID is the actual Hashtag on Twitter (SessionID BCO1152 would be #BCO1152). You will find some tweets already posted, others just beginning.  If you are attending or involved in any of these sessions or labs, please start or expand this conversation by including the #VMworld hashtag for further reach. Learn more

    VMworld TV on YouTube
    There are a few 2014 session preview videos posted on VMworld TV (look for more later).  There are also dozens of session video recordings (2013, 2012, etc.) posted on VMworld TV to help get a sense of what the breakout sessions are like. Be sure to Subscribe to VMworld TV to stay informed of the latest uploads, especially the new 2014 top sessions. Online Sessions
    Most of VMworld 2013 breakout sessions (recordings and resources available) can now be accessed and viewed at VMworld Online Sessions (2013 back to 2004) without an attendee subscription, by logging in with your account. NOTE: VMworld 2014 Sessions will be made available online to all paid attendees (only) following the conference.

    Another great resource available is our VMworld SlideShare channel.  Here you can browse or search for the presentation slides from all VMworld 2013 breakout sessions.  These are great for reviewing sessions online or offline when deciding what to attend in 2014. Be sure to Follow our SlideShare channel to stay informed of new slides posted for 2014 sessions.

    Please take the surveys onsite or by mobile device to help us with feedback and improving the overall experience and offerings.  We hope eveyone has a great session and lab experience at VMworld 2014 this year!
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    Come to VMworld US early and take advantage of these pre-conference training courses at 25% off the regular price. These special course offerings are your chance to hone your skills on the latest VMware technologies and solutions.

    New this year! Some of these classes will offer “hybrid” delivery which gives you the option to attend in person or live online remotely. This gives you the ability to fully participate in class without requiring additional travel days.

    Space is limited, so register today. Registration for these classes is handled via VMworld registration. When you register for the conference you will be given the opportunity to add a training class. Select the class and location you are interested in, and complete your event registration. 

    Course Schedule

    vCloud Automation Center: Install, Configure, Manage [V6] - August 19 - 23
    This course focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware vCloud® Automation Center™. This course covers the configuration and use of the vCloud Automation Center platform, including self-service provisioning and the creation of multivendor cloud services. 

    VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [6.0] - August 19 - 23
    This comprehensive, fast-paced course focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware NSX™. NSX is a software networking and security virtualization platform that delivers the operational model of a virtual machine for the network. Virtual networks reproduce the layer 2–layer 7 network model in software, enabling complex multitier network topologies to be created and provisioned programmatically in seconds. NSX also provides a new model for network security where security profiles are distributed to and enforced by virtual ports and move with virtual machines. 

    VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy and Manage [v5.5] - August 22 - 23
    This course focuses on deploying and managing a software-defined storage solution with VMware® Virtual SAN™ 5.5. This course looks at how Virtual SAN is used as an important component in the VMware® software-defined data center. The course is based on VMware® ESXi™ 5.5 and VMware® vCenter Server™ 5.5.

    Find more information from VMware Education

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    As the demand for IT professionals with virtualization and cloud skills increases, it becomes more and more essential to distinguish yourself in the market. VMware’s industry-recognized certifications validate your technical capabilities and knowledge, giving you an edge.


    At the VMworld Certification Exam Center all VMware Certified Professional (VCP) and VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) exams will be 50% off the regular price (save up to $200). This is an excellent opportunity to recertify your certification or validate new skills at a significant savings.
    Space is limited so reserve your seat today!

    VMworld US Registration

    VMworld Europe Registration

    To get tips and stay connected, follow the VMware Education Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

    Cert Paths.png

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    VMUG will be hosting a number of fun activities while at VMworld and we want to see you there!
    You can start by picking up your free VMUG shirt at registration from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. We are asking all VMUG members to wear their green shirts on Tuesday for the VMUG Green Out. Be spotted in a green VMUG shirt on Tuesday and you could win!

    Stop by the VMUG Booth #1037

    The VMUG Booth in the Solutions Exchange will be our base of operations for the week. Stop by and see us at the booth to get the latest VMUG information, win some great giveaways, and post your picture on our member wall! You’ll have a chance to win an Alienware 14 gaming laptop by picking up a card at the VMUG and Global Knowledge Booth (#534).

    The VMUG Booth is also the place to meet the VMUG Board of Directors, Leaders, and your fellow members. We encourage you to use the VMUG Booth as a meeting place – feel free to hang out!

    Along with the Solutions Exchange, VMUG will be joining in the VMworld activities for:

    • VMUG is excited to sponsor VMunderground (blog)
    • A hosted VMUG table at the TAM lunch on Sunday
    • Spousetivities- Is your spouse or partner joining you in San Francisco? Hook them up with the Spousetivities crew so they can have some fun while you're attending VMworld sessions


    Join in the VMUG 5 Week Challenge!

    Starting on July 21st, VMUG will post a new challenge on Twitter every Monday at 10:00 a.m. CST.  Complete the challenge each week, and you’ll be enter to win one of four VMunderground passes, a VMworld party you won’t want to miss!

    VMUG Advantage

    Join us at the VMUG booth to learn more about all of the discounts on training, software and more! VMworld attendees will receive a special discount when you purchase on-site.

    Calling all current subscribers: Stop by the VMUG booth to win some great prizes and pick up your complimentary VMUG Advantage shirt!

    For the latest updates on VMUG’s activities at VMworld, visit our VMUG at VMworld page and follow us on Twitter @MyVMUG.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.07.07 AM.png

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